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Part I

1st Chapter


Jacky Liew 


This is the only childhood photo of Jacky liew

“Still remember the dark days in life when he was abandoned by his family and betrayed by his loved one. Maybe he also has been lost and humbled, does not know the reason for living?”

Even he felt the people in his surroundings have turned him into a transparent person, no one will care about him and listen to him. He wants to separate himself from his family, relatives and friends, avoid strange gazes, and don’t want to see anyone again. He felt he has nothing to do with all of these matters. But he didn’t realize that he fell into the bottomless abyss step by step, sinking deeper and deeper, but his subconscious was so hopeful that he could get the attention of others. When he was about to drown if someone was willing to give a helping hand to him. he would dedicate all his life and everything to the one who saves him.

The seven characters poemChang-An ancient: “If only I can be with you, I will confront the death fearlessly and quit the best opportunity without hesitation (Original sentence: If we could become a couple that stays like a flounder day and night, we will not be afraid even died; if we willing to be a lifelong couple like a mandarin duck (represents fidelity), we will not even envy gods’ life)” is the best sentence to describe the love between Jacky Liew and Christin Lee who have been married for more than 30 years. 

Mr. Subleaser and His Tenant College Girl 

The story began since Jacky Liew has suffered emotionally injured from his previous relationship. He finally decided to left home and used his life savings to contract the entire building as a dormitory for students. At that time, Christin Lee lived there and was a pre-university student. To her, she felt the Mr. subleaser is very mysterious. There was another tenant who brought her to view the room and collect the rental payment. She knew that he was in the building but couldn’t see him. He will only go out for dinner after midnight like afraid of being seen by others. She was curious about him and wanted to approach him. The strangest thing was that he hadn’t taken a step out of the room in a day and didn’t see he consumes any food to satisfy his hunger. It has made Christin, who lived in the opposite room felt pity. Every time, she will hang a lunch box in front of his door handle, and from then on, he has nothing to repay her kindness except for giving her a happy marriage.

In the evening at the end of one year, Christin Lee came back from the library and met Jacky Liew in this building for the first time. He was so thin and pale that she was loved by pity, as if there was a secret behind his life.  She wants to know more about his past. Until she went to the teahouse with her classmates, she met Jacky Liew again. At that time, it happened to be drizzling outside. She saw him sitting alone in the corner, reading a book and drinking tea. He was wearing a woolen shirt that is still impressive to this day, like a weak scholar. The intuition tells Christin that this person is very lonely and has a sense of vicissitudes, and needs someone to take care of him. So she invited the Mr. subleaser to join her by the reason of her classmate is friend of Jacky’s sister.

For Jacky Liew, this was a rare opportunity and he also knew who left the lunch box everyday. The first time he saw Christin Lee was before she went to school. He felt that the girl’s complexion was whiter than snow. Although she dresses simple, she was indescribably graceful. This time in the tea house, he saw her walking towards him with smile and a subtle fragrance. He has noticed her since she entered the tea house, under the dim light, she looked like a beauty and swayed by her clever talk especially to the poems. What is even more amazing is she good at writing calligraphy, especially replica to the tiny Chinese script. Both of them fall in love at first sight, and she will often give him a regular script of poems to express her love. Jacky Liew has been pray silently to the God, if he can fulfill his wish and be with her forever, he willing to spend her life’s wealth as exchange for this girl as his wife. He also promise whenever he is, he will bring Christin along with him. He will adhere faithfully to his promise. Since then, the two of them have always communicate through literature and arts and they talked together for a whole night. Even now, their love are still very affectionate and admire by the people around them. They feel that there is no more suitable description for this pair of couple in the world, so often It is dubbed as “perfect couple”.

Christin Lee is the youngest daughter of the family. She has been kind to everyone since she was a child. Although she is not good at cooking, in order to let her beloved eat well, the first meal cooked for Jacky Liew is chicken porridge, so that he can replenish his body. And Jacky Liew presented to Christin Lee, it was a bowl of plain noodles with scallion oil. They depends on each other in this rented buildings. In Old Chinese tradition, the relationship between the landlord and the female student was not favored at the time. It can be said to be extremely mismatched. For fear of Christin Lee being deceived, even the teacher and classmates came to persuade Christin to leave, because Jacky Liew gave people the feeling that it was one behave eccentrically.  Even if they walk together, they will be humiliated by people maliciously. What’s more, because one day, Jacky’s father suddenly rushed to the teahouse. By coincidence, Christin and her classmate were doing homework. He accused Christin “you had bad influence on my son.” The site silence on the spot and the air seemed to freeze instantly. This evening, Christin sat in the corner of the teahouse with red and swollen eyes, silently reading the book without saying a word.

There is no one qualified to admit the identity of Christin as Jacky’s wife, only Jacky could. 
There is also no need anyone to admit her identity, as it is the personal matters of both of them. 

The Romantic Poem of Famous

D A Y  A N D  N I G H T 

Love Tokens

The husband gifted his wife with rose

When Jacky saw her at the moment and knew the whole story, he was heartbroken and disappointed with his father. Since then, he will put her in the place above all else, tolerate her, love her, and care about her feelings, like the precious holding her in the palm. In her lifetime, he must let her be proud of him and become the happiest woman in the world. This is due to a man’s greatest pride is that a woman is willing to pay her absolute trust and support even he is in a slump, and the greatest pride for a woman is that a man is willing to reject countless women for her because he understands that “fail her” is equivalent to let her lose for a lifetime. If it is true love, you shouldn’t let her shed a tear and be wronged. This is what a “capable man” should do.

In order to show his love for Christin, he bought a pair of “ivory earrings” from an antique shop in Kuala Lumpur as a gift for her birthday. That year, they had experienced too many rumours, and he hopes the earrings would cover her ears, and look at Jacky in her eyes. Later, Christin always wore this pair of carved ivory earrings, which were of special significance to the two of them, to show her fidelity to Jacky.

Since ancient times, ivory has been a symbol of nobility, power, wealth, and status, and the art of ivory carving is a national treasure of China. It seems that Jacky wants to take it as oath that he will end this sad and withered destiny for her in the future.

“You gave me ivory earrings, I am unable to repay this kindness, I knew that you don’t like mediocre things, so I bought this pearl watch with my first salary to you. May you cherish every moment with me” and attach this small note to the watch box. Since then, Jacky Liew nicknamed her Christin and the idea is from the watch named Christian Dior. Thus, this pair of earring and watch has become tokens of love between two of them, which have been preserved until now.

The poem of Spring in a Pleasure Garden written by Mao Zedong in 1936″ copying by Christin in Chinese calligraphy and gifted to Jacky as she knew that Jacky admired the spirit of Mao Zedong. 

“I want the man like this”

Marriage is not about face saving, holding a veritable banquet, nor is it a legal constraint, but unconditionally paying for “him” or “her” for a lifetime-

The ending of Jacky and Christin just like every “lover who finally married”. However, Jacky felt guilty to Christin as he did not realize the dream of every women wishes, only once in a lifetime, wearing the beautiful wedding dress with lingering flowers, bouquets and hand-worn wedding rings for her. And in front of relatives and friends, swear to each other, even in adversity, they will sincerely guard each other, and will never leave her when she is most needed. Although he was unable to give her a wedding ceremony, but just like the gift of a token of love, the watch representing their belief in “love” was finally branded for a lasting moment, and faithfully remembered, from now on, tolerating each other, and also from this moment.

Soon after graduation, Christin gave birth to Jacky’s first child. The relationship between the two is so attached. They felt that having a child is to search for a good place to settle down and live a normal life. After resolutely ending the sublease business, he worked in the oil industry for nine to five, submitted some articles for publication, bought the first house, and started investing in homeownership. The days were pretty good, but he still failed to open the tangled within his heart.

He brought the one-month-old child, the wife who has never received the slightest blessing from his parents, and the bad interpersonal relationship that imposed on him since childhood to return home with joy. However, what he received is unconcerned from his family. This kind of opposition seems to have existed since Jacky Liew left home. Then, the family relationship is on the verge of disintegration. There was none of Jacky Liew’s photo in the old home. Even his parent burned out all of his articles published in newspapers and magazines, newspaper clippings, materials, books, novels, etc. and no more left of them at home. They only ordered his sister to hand in the only graduation photo taken in kindergarten to him. After years passed, he still couldn’t heal from this pain. Since he was young, he eagerly hopes to get a slice of paternal love and attention to himself. For his family emphasized more to the scores than anything else however, it was a distant luxury for Jacky Liew since childhood.

At that time, he returned to the old house where he used to live, his parent felt that the purpose he going home was due to a difficult life and asked for help. The parent treated their child more detached than strangers after not seeing their child for a long time. Jacky, his wife and child lived in the storeroom and received the hopeless affection. The mother once hinted to him that “as a child, you should be rewarded, and shouldn’t be too far-fetched. This home has nothing left for you”. He was isolated from the remained pitiful reliance. In the mind of all relatives and friends, Jacky Liew became an incompetent child covered in fleas, they always try to avoid meeting him, so that he had to re-examine the scars on his back. If even the marriage with Christin Lee and the birth of a newborn could not change the relationship with the family, then how can Christin Lee and the child endured this embarrassment in the future. He could not bear anymore to let her wife and her children be looked down upon. Jacky Liew had to cheer up again, let the “time” as the best proof for him. He was very minding the mediocrity of his life. He believes that only “success and fame” can heal his sad heart. Another more embarrassing real story that Jacky Liew experienced came from his brother who settled in the United States and studied computer science. He left a sentence before returning to the United States “if the parent did not treat you in this way, you wouldn’t have achieved what you have today”. His word has taken all of Jacky’s achievements for granted, but the “suffering” is less than one ten thousandths. They never thought that a tree was nailed, even if it was pulled out, the tree is still alive, but the body has left a gloomy hole that is hard to cure.

Due to his father treat him harsh since childhood, even his family members were also holding an indifferent attitude. Since he was sensible, he saw his father only tend to treat his house as living in a hotel. His father only went back home to change his clothes or take a bath. Till the next day night, his father will be only at the house for 2-3 hours, this kind of situation is permanent for 365 days every year and repeatedly each day. Although his father is at home, he is often drunk or expressionless and difficult to approach, and wouldn’t care about family affairs. Perhaps the blood ties, Jacky Liew although strange to his father but still awe-inspiring to him. His brother and sisters seem like didn’t know each other as they only ate together at the same table during the festival but didn’t say a word. They just wanted to finish eating quickly and hid in their rooms. On weekdays, they ate their food, and no one paid any attention to each other.

For the fabricated fact that his father had created for him,  he had no choice but to suffer in silence. AfterJacky had left home when his father caught a fancy on a piece of land and asked Jacky to purchased it, Jacky was unwilling to disobey him as long as he had the capability to buy it. However, afterwards, his father told relatives and friends that this piece of land was originally intended to be given to Jacky. So he took back the piece of land from Jacky’s hand as Jacky had disrespect to him. On the contrary, the fact is, Jacky’s father fraudulently used Jacky’s signature and went to the lawyer’s office to sign a contract with the tenant who leased the land to collect rent for more than ten years, but his father never paid any of the land tax. It is not that Jacky Liew did not aware of the incident, after all, he was his father. He should have been repaying the debt of nurturing his father, so it just let go of the matter. But in the eyes of others, it turned out to be the bad son who didn’t care for his parents. However, in the end, just like the drama, often the worst son turned out to be the “only” good son who accompanies the father in the last journey in life. Even Jacky Liew’s wife and children had come to give him the last ride, the eldest grandson is a guardian at the bier for his grandfather. This is because the past of the previous generation should not be extended to the next generation. 

Jacky Liew has been expressed regret in his heart. His parent gave birth to him, although they treat Jacky bad, he is willing to suffer no matter how much hardship. He cared about his parents, and the only thing he can do is to pay more effort and hope his parents will take a look.

No matter what a person has done before, he must be able to protect his family’s property at critical moments, be able to fight himself against the ups and downs of his life, and stand up for justice. In reality, this is not something everyone can do, and a fearless spirit is needed. Therefore, everyone has the opportunity to become a hero in life, and even all kinds of hardships, temptations, and censures can’t disturb his heart. No matter what kind of predicament he at, he is willing to show the gentleman’s demeanor and not humiliate his family.


“Parents always right, the child has no right to interfere”, 

although parents could not choose, but the faith can decide by yourself. 

You can choose your wife, her good or bad is all depends on how you act.   

Although Child could not choose who are their parents, 

but their fate are decide by their parents before they are mature, 

Then by themselves for the future after they become adult.  

Later, Jacky Liew had became a lecturer and often went abroad. He always anxious to return home and called to Christin Lee to express his yearn much to her. When he was in Malaysia, he had to go to major cities to give lectures every month. Whenever there was holiday, they would properly arranged everything and brought his wife and children everywhere on vacation and had basically staying in most of the hotels. Christin once said to his brother who persuaded her to leave Jacky: “It is actually a good enjoyment to love a person. It is the best way to repay the person who loves you if you don’t ask for anything, don’t haggle over what you had pay, and give out what you had silently.” Jacky Liew who was in the room inadvertently heard this and was extremely touched. After that, he gave every penny earned to Christin. The most important thing was that Jacky was constantly running around, and misfortune was unpredictable. If something really happens, who will take care of his wife and the child? In addition, he really feels that “it’s too difficult to meet a woman perfectly match to him” Because Jacky liewlan really likes Christin’s kindness, this is especially important to Jacky Liew.

In the Chinese poem,

“Up and down the main streets, I must have run –

A thousand times or more in quest of none,

Who, I have concluded, cannot be found;

For, everywhere, no trace of her can be seen,

When, all of a sudden, I turn around,

That’s her, where lanterns are few and far between”

As he grew older and walked through the vicissitudes of life and understood the vision and reality, he had already understood in his heart that there was never “others’ wives are the best. Only “own wife is the best”. Love, the important thing is to know each other and cherish each other, love is in the moment. You don’t even need to spend, just say “I love you”, give her a loving hug every day, tell her how much you miss her and need her. Many resentments were due to the two people’s ignorance of each other. Jacky Liew never wanted her to guess what he was thinking and would just tell her directly, because she would never know if you didn’t say it. The best way to keep a love is hold her hand to the endless forever. 

How to “love at the moment” is very simple, it means “do it” at the moment. Rather than thinking about it, like the epiphany of “Zen”, understanding at the time means understanding. If you don’t understand, you won’t understand even explained it many times. Quoted from Zhuangzi Joy of Fish “You are not a fish, from what do you know the joy of fish?” If you did not experience it, how do you know the happiness?

If unable to “love at the moment” means that think of too much. Humans just don’t understand the truth as soon as they listen, but to calm the mind. Don’t just think but to feel, there is no other way. “The moment” means that you are willing to stop, and look into your heart, and feel how much you want in your heart at that moment. There is no better way than “I am willing to do it.” It’s not that you can let it go by saying “let down”, it must be released slowly, until one day, you will understand what “love is in the moment” is all about.

However, most people live in the world they identified, and they keep falling into the whirlpool of thoughts, like being tied up with countless ropes, clinging to the words, the joys, the suffering of other people. It’s just like turning around and don’t know how to escape. Only that jump out from it, the troubles will disappear. This “jumping out” does not mean not thinking about it, but not in anxiety. It’s not a daze, this “daze” will make your mind go unconscious every minute. Therefore, only by returning to the most basics and letting the mind let go of obsessions can we truly live in the present. The most touching thing about “love” is that you are willing to believe and understand after experiencing it yourself. Only by paying from the “heart” can you persuade yourself to “live in the present”, that is, to live in normal daily life. Since it is a normal life, you will not be confused about it. If something is wrong or dislikes it, just change it right now and let the other person like it. Don’t get yourself into a blind alley. This will only bring more anxiety and uneasiness. You must know that the “heart” is full of freedom and love. Love can exist for thousands of years and this is so-called happiness.

Happiness is very simple. Nowadays, educating children is telling them truthfully that love is actually about life. There may be a lot of boring, trivial, annoying, and even complaints the wife is no longer beautiful, love will become ugly and it is destined not to last. The real “love” is to tolerate her by treating the ugliest she had as the most beautiful. Jacky Liew didn’t understand it before and felt annoying, but now it all becomes interesting. Especially when he had experienced the impermanence of life. So Jacky knows Christin better than before, sometimes with a look in both eyes, they will understand each other meaning. In their free time, they would go out together, eat a bowl of noodles, and talk happily. Even though others felt cheesy, but they still don’t live in the eyes of others. After all, this is a matter for the husband and wife. It makes people have to sigh “love is so great.”

What Jacky Liew wants for love is …

To stay together till death and end. For far, or near, hand, oath, accord

Jacky Liew who is dedicated to a writing career more or less will have some talents. He has long yearned for the love stories between the characters in the novels and used this as a standard to meet girls, but he always couldn’t catch up with the ideal love he wants. So before meeting Christin, he had experienced the days that unrestrained. 

Maybe he had been lonely for a long time and wished to have a home of his own. He thinks that he would be a good husband and a good father. Once, he puts all the hopes into his first relationship that hurt him. However, it is just his wishful thinking. What he always search for just a woman who could loyal to the husband, it represents the woman virtues. And what he could in return is only a rose, a poem and a promise that “love her forever”. Finally, Christin had changed and emasculated him. 

As for his love for Christin Lee, he has lived all of his life without falsehood. In the past, he was very unconfident in his romantic life. For fear that a woman such as Christin would dislike herself and always feel that he is not the lucky man who can enjoy the most unforgettable love. This is God’s mercy to him. With her gentleness, he was pulled from the abyss of sorrow and slowly fall in love with her. Christin has long been regarded as a unique beauty in Jacky’s heart. He thinks that she is gifted as a human mannequin, so he often takes her to go shopping and buy clothes. It is true that she has long enjoyed the name of beauty during her school time. Except for her, the other ladies seemed to be ordinary in the eyes of Jacky. Her frown and smile made Jacky sleepless at night and couldn’t leave her for a moment. He felt that meeting him was the greatest fortune in his life. In old says, “a good woman will not leave his husband, they could share the joys and sorrows, regardless of poverty, illness. But the bad woman will leave, if you lose ones in life, it is the destiny, if you have ones, it is your fortunate“. No one can expect the future, whether it will be like a fairy tale and lead to a happy ending. The old things have passed away. Now, he receives his best ending. 

The union of Jacky Liew and Christin Lee did not have the lavish wedding as her siblings. Their marriage did not obtain the blessing of both parents, and no relatives or friends witnesses. There were only stamps and a piece of legal paper were attached to testify, but Jacky still felt guilty for her. After the four children grow up, he hopes that the love between them will be blessed by their children. They will have another wedding for Christin Lee. This is the most solid commitment of Jacky to Christin.

Jacky and Christin met from the teahouse and discussed the poems and articles like ancient people. In often time, Jacky read and Christin wrote it. Jacky has been given a poems “laugh at the affection” as a metaphor for he has been suffered the pain of love and he does not want to search for his “goodness” thousands of times in dreams. This is a heart in the words, and he hopes Christin could read it and understands his experience.

Affection for each other

This is Liew Seng Lam’s original intention of “love” through poems, giving her relief

Without the support of my wife, I never will be a Food Gourmet and writer. 

A success man has his woman behind, due to his success, so he has a pretty woman 

– Jacky Liew

The writer and the Orchid

The ancient Chinese poem “It is the king of fragrance plant and the root born in the valley. The flowers bloom in the first spring, the new branches are fresh. Friends with good person is like entering the room full of orchids.”


If one day, Jacky Liew and his wife get old together, they can learn to grow orchids together, drink tea together, cook together, and holding hands together. Because people only have a good life once, and Jacky’s happiness, only once in his life be good to Christin.

If she likes flowers, he will buy a piece of land for her to grow flowers, help her to move the soil, and fertilize the plants. Men have many ways to express love to their wives, giving them the most solemn gifts, jewellery, houses, and cars, as long as she wants them, Jacky will give them to her. Even the simplest bouquet would make her cry into tears. When she is old, he will just buy the piece of land beside the road to let her plant flowers, so that people who pass by will envy her be able to walk in a blooming flower garden, that kind of sentiment is more precious than giving her diamonds. Good-fated women only admire and pick flowers, and don’t have to worry about their children and family planning. When you see her with this verdant meadow and neatly manicured garden, you will have the impression that the woman must have a happy family. If you see the flowers and trees outside the house is a mess, you can know that this woman has done what a man should do and is busy earning for livelihood.
He knew that the standard husband in a woman’s mind should be gentle and considerate. Outside, he could look like a tiger, able to protect her, and be considerate to her. Inside, he can cook, know how to do house works and when people ask, he has to be very modest and praise his wife for the nice cooking. All the credit goes to the wife because he feels that this is what a man should do.

The Woman who loves gardening is the most happiness, 

The Woman who sleeps early has the good fortune. 

-Jacky Liew

Gather ye rose-buds while ye may

Flower-Lovers in 3 Generation

In the past, he took his wife to pick flowers in the mountains, and when he had a daughter, he took her to pick flowers too, so that she could feel that as a woman, she should loved as the way her father loves her mother. When he has his grandchildren, he hopes that he could lead his granddaughter to explore the flowers in the mountains, sit on the grass together, and tell her the story of grandmother. Since then, there have been no regrets in his life.

A man like an Orchid 

The Story of 


A happy marriage will turn Cinderella into Princess

and the responsibilities is on her half “willing” to love her and happiness. 

The beauty of young girl does not as good as the beauty that husband’s love. 

In opposite, a girl will turn into ordinary without the love 

16 years old

She Fully


By Her 


Her Mother Only Told Her

For LOVE She Need To 





The Food God who loves his wife

In a movie, Donnie Yen said “I am the Yong Chun Master who loves wife, but he is the Yong Chun Master who went to brothel”

In both of their Chinese name, Jacky Liew (Chinese: 廖城兰) which brought the Chinese character of orchid and Christin (Chinese: 李翠枝) which brought the character of the branch, if joined together, it would be the one. Because it is hard for the flower to live alone without branches. Perhaps it’s also because Jacky’s surname is Liew and Christin’s surname is Lee. So that the alliance of two surnames are “Liew and Lee (Chinese: 廖李, pinyin: Liào Lǐ) (the homophonic in Chinese refers to cuisine), so he would like to marry Christin Lee and cook for her for the whole life.

She formerly liked “rose”, so her youngest daughter named “Wei Wei (Chinese: 薇惟) which means “the only rose”. The implication of the name is to wish her as kind and pure as her mother, and she is the rose on the palm of the whole family. At the same time, Jacky Liew also loves Orchid, so she loves the orchid too. It should be understood that the alias of orchids is “The ancestor of Fragrance (Chinese: 香祖)”, it refers to the fragrance of orchids, which is the fundamental and elegant symbol of all fragrances in the world. Chinese uses orchids as a metaphor for human aptitude and beautiful sentiments.
Christin loves the fragrance of orchids, just like when she first met Jacky, he always carries a faint fragrance on his body, which is natural and not hypocritical. Therefore, she likes to put orchids on the tabletop of Jacky’s study room “Orchid Pavilion”, saying that it can bring aura to the holy text.

She thought that the description of Liu Qi-bao on orchids is the best resembling the character of Jacky: “The orchid-lover always loves his people. This is because the orchid inhabits the deep valley. It is difficult for people to know the appearance of it. Although the orchid is fragrant it is not to compete with other plants. Is difficult for others to appreciate, to know the orchid and understand the orchid. The orchid-lover does not look down to the grass root, does not search it in the plant crowds, does not treat it as only love. Orchid is actually like people, its quality, its appearance, its purity is close to the people. Therefore, the one who loves orchid must love the people”. She asked him to follow the meaning of the articles, work hard to contribute to the country, be close to the people and be able to practice what he had promised. Just like the orchid-lover who loves the people, he had to help those in need, changes their way of life, and enhances cultures. Nowadays, most of the person overwhelmed by Jacky’s spirit and charming manner. Although Christin loves orchids, she does not good at planting flowers. She had buried all of the orchid varieties that Jacky gifted to her as she did not know the difficulty of “planting orchids”. The planting of orchids had already exceeded her knowledge, since then, the wife of the agricultural lecturer has never dared to plant orchids, for fear of killing the orchids. It seems that in the next half of her life, Jacky and Christin will review back what he had taught in the classroom.

However, Jacky Liew would still say frankly that in her life, his wife was her favourite, and the second was the orchid she planted with only stems and no flowers. It was an indescribable sentiment. She knew how to appreciate the orchid but couldn’t grow it, this means that the “uniqueness” of the orchid. But to Jacky, it is a most beautiful creature.

“Marriage” represented that two people who loved each other decided to give each other a legal title and stay together for a lifetime. On that day, the wedding that the bride looked forward to is wearing a white veil and heading for happiness. Since ancient times, countless women have longed for it even before they met their sweetheart. In the wedding of only two people that year, in order to compensate his beloved wife in the future, Jacky would buy different wedding dresses and gowns for his beloved wife to wear, and spend they honeymoon in hotels in various countries. Let Christin feeling happiness until grow old. The picture above shows the “Kiss of True Love” from Jacky to his beloved wife. It because of his “bride” is always the most beautiful inside his heart.

Kiss of True Love

Treat her as Precious

Christin often accompanied Jacky to attend various dinners and living like a celebrity. This is due to the promise of Jacky that he will always bring Christin by his side and never leave her alone. The picture above shows Christin wore the bridal dress chosen by her husband himself and waited for the limousine to be picked up to the “Night Banquet”. He will be waited her there. 

Love until Old age

No matter how old, Jacky will brings his wife to regain memories, remembering they barefoot and hand in hand in the mountains to pick orchids to make fun with her when their first fell in love. Jacky said that “the scent of the flowers I picked for you is still not as good as the fragrance that you leave on my lips.” She scorned and knocked my head with a flower branch and said “you are a flower-spitting man (glib-tongue)”. 


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