The reason of Jacky Liew confesses his shortcomings is to hope that the young men who encounter the same experiences understands that there are “bad” and “stupid” children in this world. Don’t give up no matter how difficult it is, and don’t deviate from your dreams. Just believe in yourself, one day you will be able to achieve what you want.

Although he didn’t drop out of school to get a job, it is already usual for him to transfer to another school. The journey he took was more difficult than others, and in the end, although it was hard, he had finished the study. Of course, the process of making money is hard. What he wished to learn will spend his own expense to learn, because he is clear that the tuition fee needs to be paid next month soon. As for food, he will not wastes it. He knew that every food required money. All of his food experiences derived from every time of comparison. The food treat by others represents care, but now it represents respect for the gourmet. A senior in the kitchen told him “the food that purchased with the money you had earned is the most delicious.” Gourmet is not about showing how well you can eat, but about learning to be miserly, recognizing the taste of the moment and keeping it in your heart.

Jacky Liew has lived through the sorrow and joy of his youth. Everything seems to be destined for him to become a gourmet in this life. Maybe it was because he had done too many jobs in the past, from kitchen work until started doing business, he had learned the business skills and also learned that all business people are profiteers. Since then he was smart in doing business and also learnt that the word spoken by different people have different effects. Some said Jacky knew how to control people’s minds. But it indeed brought him a lot of financial benefits and laid the foundation for the business, so he taught Christin Lee the way of business. After that, she became his spoke person and mediator for the business. They started to enjoy life and finding joy every day. When they had the interest, they will go to Penang to eat Laksa and returned to Singapore Orchard Road the next minute to go shopping and buy clothes. Perhaps because more knowledge was gained, Jacky’s ambition has become bigger and bigger and expand his career. When he was free, he will stay in the study room and reading books, doing academic writing. He always reminded himself “be the first, the second is meaningless”.

The steak of love-shape 

Jacky Liew had prepared a love-shaped’s steak specially for Christin on Valentine’s Day in Singapore. In the upper left corner photo, Jacky was wearing a token of love given him by Christin- the Christian Dior pearl watch

At that time, the society developed the doctrine of extracting the essentials from “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” or using “The Art of War” to save the crisis in Southeast Asia, which was great enlightenment to Jacky Liew. It made him feel that business, like the military theory of two armies confronting each other, is always inseparable from the strengths and weaknesses of the two sides, but they have to show their advantages, and when they meet on a narrow road, the one who knows the other wins.

Contributing articles while working, and publishing essays under different pen names, there is always the embarrassment of being unclear about the concubine, which has become the darkest day of the writing period. And to continue is one aspect. I hope that there will be a dignified position in the past, so that people will not feel troubled by Liao Chenglan’s past, so as to gain trust. This is the protection and survival of oneself, especially the scent of the book as a special reporter, which has created many unexpected gains for him and has become more and more confident, so that he has learned to do an errand well, such as the knowledge of sales, which must be studied in depth. Certain expertise, and then use this theory to gain fame and interests. If you want to make a difference, you have to constantly improve your experience and knowledge, and persevere.

Even though Jacky Liew is busy at work, he still takes advantage of his spare time. He does not forget to take courses and study for further studies. He understands the reasoning of “should think highly of first oneself, others will just think highly of you”. He should understand his strengths, does not manipulate by destiny, listens to opinions, be persistent but not paranoid, and motivating himself to think correctly.

Will spend his whole life to Pay 



Perhaps the time was ripe, with Christin Lee’s encouragement, he changed his style and focused on eating. At this time, he had already regarded his life as her life and willing to fight for his ambition as fighting her ambition.  After they getting along, they found them have similarity in nature and ideology, the communication without any barriers and eventually constitutes a happy relationship between the two. Since the two were together and he has seen their beloved wife’s unrepentant dedication to love. He aimed to be the gourmet, except from her encouragement, he also for her and her children, hoping to live a better life. This is the responsibility that a man should have, that is, care for his family.

Before meeting his beloved Christin, Jacky Liew had experienced such an example. A boy from a broken family and isolated from everyone, met a girl. He fell in love soon. When the girl’s parents was about knew they going to enter a marriage, they firmly opposed it because the parents believed that their daughter should marry to her neighbor who is a future doctor. And the boy’s parents felt that the family of the girl be out of their league. Furthermore, the boy’s mother and the girl does not get along well which eventually caused the girl leave without saying goodbye for years. The whole thing was a big blow to the boy. There was an unknown story behind it. At the night that the girl left, the boy’s self-financed goods were stolen by accident, and the ensuing love and hate intertwined, almost ruining his life. To a boy who just wanted to get rid of his childhood trauma, was sorely hurt by this relationship. She seemed never pay her faith to the relationship and unforgivable things behind his back. After that, his determination to run away from home was lighten, and he did not want to return to the home that had never been given a trace of warmth. 

Although this secret history is full of mysteries and makes him feel at a loss, why bad things always happen to him one after another, what did he do wrong in his previous life? He was anger of his parents’ inconsiderate and finally he ended his business, and he collected back all of the debts to pay off his debts. This all because he regarded credibility more than his life, and he wished to escape the place which had imprisoned him for years. He finally went to the place that his ex stayed, and renting a dormitory to spend his day, just like missing a lover from afar and hoping for her to come back soon, but it is always so close and far away. But this action was regarded by his father as an unpromising and cowardly behavior, which led to all sorts of weird suppressions in the future. This had made him feel uneasy and helpless. Instead of giving him the slightest support, his family gradually moved away. As the days passed, the strange looks from outside and the gossip made him more and more scared of communicate with people, and he was almost driven mad. He initially thought that working hard and working tirelessly would win the love of a woman and his ignoring of her feelings is the main reason for the end of the relationships. However, it was unexpectedly, he discovered that it is all because of “betrayal”, making him feel very angry, like being chased by a nightmare. After years, he found the wealth family of her former girlfriend who had hurt him mercilessly has became impoverished. He thought that if one day, she knows that he had became the “writer”, whether she would be even more shocking, instead of tears in her eyes.

Since this is sad, he just be himself again. If he have done nothing wrong, he will not need to leave his hometown. Only the one who owe debts will need to flee. The most important thing for a man is to get up wherever you fall. He believe that the worldly knowledge accumulated since he was young will lead to him live better. He would strive for fame to show his parents. 

It’s not that no one persuaded that he should forgive his parents, but he still couldn’t let go of the “heart demon” even he father had passed away. He has been asked his mother if he could allow him to go home, but as long as he thought of his father, he didn’t dare to do it until his first child was born, then he only thought of going back. Although he was just like a guest by ringing the doorbell, hoping that his father would be willing to meet Jacky’s wife and his children and give the newborn child the best blessing. This will be the greatest contentment for Jacky, but it was failed to achieve. 

Although by now, he has returned to his hometown from afar, as time goes by, he thought that the memories will be  slowly fade after his father is gone. But when driving passed to the place and recalled his childhood memories, it is still difficult to get rid of the bad memories he experienced in the house. However, after the death of his father, it is still impossible to change the fact that its is Jacky Liew’s home. He has been thought that he never lives like a candle burning its life silently, but he wanted to live like a shooting star, even if it is short in time, but there is no regret. He had to brave to take risks and give his destiny a whole new look. To put it simply, “don’t believe in fate, don’t admit defeat” and “Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire” as a warning to children and families. 

Writing memoirs or biographies is a kind of secret narrative that hurts others and the storyteller. As a child, he shouldn’t write about family affairs. According to Chinese tradition, let it pass in the past. However, he chosen to wrote down the story, except for he still mind to the past stories and being a father, he should no longer let the past stories confused his children such as why is the relationship between grandfather and father so bad? In this regard, it is necessary to restore the truth, right and wrong, all the evidence, someone will know the truth.

My Hubby is a


The Beauty of Marriage is on “I do” 

From that on, Prince and Princess live happily ever after 

Flower Cake for Birthday


Wishing her “Happy Birthday” with a 999 roses cake made by Christin’s best friend. The earrings are her favorite ivory earrings.

– Her story tale

The LOVE present

When the child is still young, she has been exhausting her energy to take care of the children, at the time, she will need more love and care from her husband

The greatest interest of Jacky Liew is while listening to Latin songs, taking his wife and their pledge of love travelling through the wild nature in the suburbs, smelling the faint green grass scent in the air, making the child fall in love with the pleasure of flying freely.

“The beauty of Malaysia is makes you fall in love with him”

In a special stage of life, just like the golden or pearl marriage, it is worth celebrating or giving her an unexpected surprise. It rewards her for managing the family well and let her show off. On this happy day should choose what she likes or gives gifts to each other, as a symbol of “stay together and grow old”. At this moment, of course, red wine and candlelight dinner are also on the “remembrance” menu, and the first list is to give her a coveted Mercedes, and the license plate “15”. This is due to their first love crystallization was born on the 15th Lantern Festival which is a Chinese Valentine’s Day, and Christin’s birthday on the 15th on the lunar calendar. He wishes the mother and daughter “consummation” in their lives. He will be her legal driver and bodyguard. Coincidentally, Jacky Liew’s birthday is also “Chinese Valentine’s Day”. The eldest son was also born on the eve of West Valentine’s Day.

Giving gifts is a science, receiving gifts is a blessing, happiness is only when there is love

Kedah Paddy Field

The High-Status of Wife Derived from The Husband

It means that a husband must be glory, and his wife and children will be “honored” with it.

The picture above shows Christin in the car of the Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah.

When traveling together, Christin will wear the token of love and ivory earrings given by Jacky to the official occasions.

Know Each Other


The Deputy Minister of Works, YB Dato Yong Khoon Seng, thought that the two were colleagues or friends. After the dinner, only he knew that they were the husband and the wife. Before leaving, he held their hands tightly. “In his life, he has never seen such a match. Therefore, you must cherish each other more.”


People recognize Christin because of her husband is a  gourmet, and she is the Queen in his heart

Wedding anniversary

Jacky and Christin had booked a place in a famous Italian restaurant and came with the former Deputy President of The Senate Dato Ir. Wong Foon Meng. This was the first guest they invited on their wedding anniversary. They have been working and entertaining at the same time for many years. In addition to interviews, he also asked the Italian chef team to serve exclusively, provide excellent wines that are not on the menu, and sprinkle rose petals all over the table. He also arranges jazz and old songs to play. After a meal, he will bring his beloved wife back to the world of the two when they were in love. Jacky advocates “Marriage first, love second, then honeymoon”. The picture above shows the President of the Senate personally serving food to the wife, congratulating them on their wedding annivesary.

Lady’s Diplomatic

The Christin accompanied her husband Jacky and Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Finland YB Victor C.Y. Tseng tasted the wine in the wine cellar

Jacky & Christin 

Pairing Off

Jacky & Christin 

Pairing Off

Lady’s Diplomatic

“Ladies” generally appear in gorgeous clothes, and gracefully show their dignified, tolerant, friendly, and open female connotations, that is, they move people’s hearts with beauty and kindness, and establish a good image of a harmonious family.

I Love You Thousands Year

The important thing for a woman to a man is understanding and support.

Jacky showed his love to Christin again with this song “Love You Ten Thousand Years” at the celebration banquet where he was awarded the title award shield. Thus, this song has been their love song. As long as Jacky sings to Christin, she will turn her anger into a smile immediately, and become a momentary beautiful talk among friends.

In weal and woe

Jacky personally brought his beloved wife to the stage to receive the award shield and souvenirs from Malaysian Minister of Higher Education Datuk Dr. Hou Kok Chung’s, and gave a speech of thanks to his beloved wife in public, “The support of my wife is that she has given me independence, sufficient time and space to play my best. Without her, there would be no food critic today.

Deep affection

Even if they are at home or abroad, will always “act in the same way.” The Jacky and Christin on the picture are dressed in couple costumes, attending the international culinary review conference and serving as judges. There are many people envied.

In harmony

On the wall of the French Chef King Restaurant, there are two pictures of Mr.Liew (top) and Mrs.Liew (bottom) to commemorate their visit. The photo was taken by Liew Seng Lam. The “Salad Grecque” which is a Greek Salads that Mrs.Liew tasted made by the white cheese made from sheep’s milk, accompanied with Kalamata Olive, Oregano and Caper Spurge. 

 He is the gourmet and international judge, but does not required her to be able to cook, just wants her company

Never Apart

He is the judge of pageant

But …

Pick Her 

No matter how beautiful, it is not the answer. I like her kindness. Let Jacky love her deeply.

“I miss you so much and wish your hear as mine”

Because of their consensus, no one can live without each other, knowing hunsband likes famous cars, when Christin was in Europe, she took the photo at the Ferrari sports car manufacturer in Maranello, Italy and send to Jacky who was waiting for her at home. But if there is worth a visit or have something delicious, they will definitely revisit the old place together again to “make up the honeymoon”.


A man’s dream

Behave well both in kitchen and hall–a typical standard for an ideal Chinese wife who excels in housework and social life

Woman with A bit of Bad


At home


The “Buffalo Gong” symbolizing Minangkabao culture in the Royal Palace collection which besides Christin. It has great value to Jacky’s future research on the history of the royal family in Negeri Sembilan

At Outside



Arts photography gallery of Jacky Liew

Using photos to record the growth of children and make memories, and the wife’s photo is to freeze the most beautiful side and leave it in the world.

Today’s topic: Christin Lee



A poem and a rose represents Jacky’s promise to Christin. He still remembered the phrase given by his wife “flower-spitting man (glib tongue). Now, he always sent flowers to his wife.  

The Jacky’s biggest hobby is shopping with his wife, shopping for clothes, visiting wedding fairs, and even shopping abroad. He likes to ask her to try on clothes on the spot and show him after dress up, and then buy it, asking her to wear her favorite one, take her to drink tea, eating and going through the market. These are the greatest satisfaction in his life.

A girl from respectable families 

Happy Mother’s Day

It is the husband’s love that can make a woman continue to be beautiful, and her children will become talented and filial.

She has two pairs of son and daughter

Selected as the “Most Beautiful Mother” at the Parents’ Day Charity Dinner.


Educating children from an early age and the first to emphasize is virtue. The future is not to determine fate with scores, but to apply what you have learned.

“The greatness of maternal love” there is no gift in the world that can be as good as a kiss from a child to a mother, which makes the mother’s eyes full of tears of happiness.

This two photos were taken at The Gardens Hotel in Kuala Lumpur’s Mid Valley Plaza, and learned from the manager that he had encountered three groups of extremely refined and elegant families in his life, which made him unforgettable. One was the Selangor Princess’s family, the other was an American movie star, and the third was Jacky’s family, not only understands the way of dressing, but also the members are very educated, and all of them are extraordinary.

Happy Family

Take Three Generations to be epicure and cultivates  refined taste

At a young age, his parents had already started to learn “taste and distinguish taste” from the original taste.

Jacky is not rich, but as far as he can, he will supply the best to his wife and children on the aspect of eat and dress. At least this is a man’s duty to his family. The happiness of his wife and child is the Jacky’s greatest happiness.


Gourmet’s Children Study Sashimi Cultures

Her Life 


It takes one hundred years to sleep 

with someone in the same bed

20 In Love

Fall in Love

Love is a promise for life, never leave, never give up

30 Years 

Tin anniversary

Cannot bear to tear apart

40 Years Old

Silver Wedding

Love is listening to each other carefully and ignoring the surrounding

Love is the trust given to the lover with complete confidence

Even if drunk, she will tell secret besides your ears 

Nearly 50 years old 

Ivory Wedding

Sheltering the leg by each other’s hand 

He once said that the most noble thing about a woman is her feet. It’s a blessing to be able to hold her legs and help her keep warm.

After 50 Years Old 

The love song they often sing against each other “I lived for you”

Before the Gold Wedding



You For

10,000 DAYS

Reveal his true sentiments 

Called her “sweetheart” please listen carefully to the lyrics, what he wanted to say is “I lived for you”

Continue Our Faith 

To The Next Life 




The Only Rose

The Great Maternal Love

The Little Girl- Wei Wei

Give child a hug every day and say “I love you” to let the child feel the love of their parents and “will not learn to be badly”.



Treat other’s child like child of herself 

If a mother although she had insufficient breast milk, but she was able to feed the baby who lodge at her home and also her own baby at the same time, to let the baby’s mother take rest and recover from sick. As she knows that the difficulties as a mother, she had fully expressed the good character as a female. 

“Motherly love” is the one from heart but not from the mouth or speak it online, but at home, it is the different situation or act before people how she love the children. The happiness of children can be reflected from the smile. There is no broken family could give happy smile to the children or let children to have success education. 

This is the “beautiful” that Jacky admire to Christin.  

My dad is food critic

Father and daughter stole snacks made by mother in the kitchen

“We didn’t steal food”


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