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Jacky Liew

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Jacky Liew (Chinese: 廖城兰, pinyin: Liào Chéng Lán) aka (Chinese: 廖圣然, pinyin: Liào Shèng Rán), his ancestral home is Guangdong, China. He was better known by his pen name Si Gongzi or Food Master (Chinese: 食公子) and was a Food Critic in 80s’. In 2008, he rewarded and recognized by P.M.C Social Service Excellence Award from the 10th Yang di-Pertuan Agong (the Supreme Head / the King) of Malaysia due to his excellent contribution to society(1). It is the great honour for him who trusted by the Yamtuan (the King) to make a descriptive record of the royal(2) and been the first Chinese writer who called into the Palace.  He was also the recipient of the World Food Gourmet Badges under the appearance of the 11th Yamtuan Besar (Grand Ruler) of the Negeri Sembilan(3). Furthermore, he was ranked among star chefs of Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan in 2014(4) and included in “Who’s who compilation among 100 years” in 2012. He also catalogued in Wikipedia and China Baidu Baike.  He is also the first overseas food critic who from Malaysia recorded into the Chinese Food Critics List with 8 of the ancient food critics in China(5).

He has two sons and two daughters and were all educated to be in the legal profession and involved in educational areas as an assistant professor in University. His wife, Christin Lee, has same ancestral home as him and serviced in financial industry. In 2014, she won the award of “Malaysia Bank Simpanan Nasional Top Product Specialist”(6).

Shi Gongzi (Chinese: Shi Gongzi, pinyin: Shí gōngzǐ ), male, born in Malaysia and known as a talented man in the literary circles. Jacky Liew is good at thinking and has a complicated personality and rich experience. He has good public image and also the first person who leads the food critics and recommendation into the commercial field, and always engage in food promotion and tourism in Malaysia, retain the recipes of restaurants and researches for the Malaysia hundred’s year of food culture, makes huge contributions to Malaysia food. He also been the jury in International Culinary Competition(7) the jury for beauty pageant competition and obtain various awards. Any famous restaurant must consist of Jacky Liew’s photo as the directional for the public and such photos were over thousands. The place where he goes including tourism spots will hang the banner to welcome Jacky Liew(8).

In 2002, he became the Lecturer of Today Agriculture College and advisor of the college magazine(9). In 2006, he was invited to become the National Business Coordinator in Nanyang Press(10). In 2007, he was involved in political commentary who met with 119 politicians from the nations and abroad(11). In 2010, his notable work “Truly Nyonya Malacca” catalogued in the U.S Washington National Library (Library of Congress), Singapore National Library, Malaysia National Library, the University Library of UTeM, Malaysia and Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore (12).

As a scholar to Malaysia Food History, his literary work in 2010 “Truly Nyonya Malacca was selected and become part of collection of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, the National Library of Singapore, the National Library of Malaysia, the Library of University Technical Malaysia (UTeM) and Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore. He also the first person who introduced the concept of Nanyang Cuisines which comprise of “Malaysian food influences by Malay Archipelago” and he divides Malaysian food into 3 social classes which are 1. King and Noble Cuisines, 2. National Heritage Food; 3. Cuisines of 5 main races based on geography, languages family and so on, that is 1. Malay; 2. Chinese; 3. North and South Indian, Mamak, Indian Muslim; 4. Nyonya and Chitty; 5 Aborigines in Peninsular Malaysia and indigenous of Sabah and Sarawak and another 2 special classes which are Eurasian Portugis and Siam Muslim in North Malaysia(13).

In 2011, he received the Excellent Paper Award in China International Symposium (14) In 2013, Jacky Liew studied the Data Science and applied Internet Technology to redefine the Malaysia Food Evaluation Standards. In 2017, the journal of the Korea cited Jacky Liew’s work “Truly Nyonya Malacca” as a systemic study of the Malacca regional Nyonya food culture(15). In 2018, the research object of the master’s thesis of the University of Tunku Abdul Rahman  in “Food Review And Its Implication on Malaysia”. In the literature, he was established as the first “originator of Malaysian gourmets”(16). In 2021, Jacky Liew was included in the Encyclopedia of the European Swiss Academic Community, and ranked among the world’s authoritative scholars and scientists in the international academic hall(17) and he was cataloging into France Online Library which dedicated in the literary(18) .

“The Immortal Patriotic Spirit”

Since the master thesis “the first person known as food critic”,  “Truly Nyonya Malacca” included in U.S, Singapore, Malaysia National library and universities. Until recorded in Wikipedia, China Baidu Baike, U.S N.Y. World Biography Encyclopedia, Europe Switzerland Academic Encyclopedia, The “Food Critic Classic” is bound to attract the attention of the world.

When later generations traced the history of Malaysia Food, the world will pay attention to the joint contributions of Food Critic Originator Jacky Liew and the surrounding people involved in this field. 

For the theory of “Malaysian cuisine” influenced by Malay Archipelago, and divided into 3 social class and five main races that he introduced, He dare not say that this is an immortal theory, but at least it has great inspiration for later academic research. And hope that future scholars expand the innovative research based on this theory To ensure that Malaysian cuisine enjoys a high academic status in the international arena.

Today Agriculture Institute Lecturer and Advisor of Institute Magazine and Product

Shi Gongzi

Jacky Liew

Pingat Khidmat Cemerlang Masyarakat (P.M.C)

NameJacky Liew
Ancestral homeGuangdong, China
OccupationsFood critic, writer, director, AI data tech
PennameShi Gongzi
HonorMalaysia Food Critic,World Food Gourmet
Notable WorkTruly Nyonya Malacca
CoupleChristin Lee
Children Two sons two daughters

Real Time Statistic

  • 4592572
  • (9) In 2002, Jacky Liew was invited as the Today’s Agro College Lecturer and College Agro-Journal advisor 

    (6) The Chief Judge of the International Cooking Competition 

    (14) Obtained the China Award of Excellence Thesis

    Chief Jury in International Competition 

    Malaysia Food Critic Jacky Liew

    (3) The First Chinese Writer who called into the Palace by Yamtuan (the King) to make a descriptive record of the royal. 


    The biography of 10th Yang Di Pertuan Agong

    This is a biography of 10th Yang Di Pertuan Agong (Supreme Head/ The King) and signed in the book.  The Supreme Head said to Jacky Liew “you have to do it well.” 

    In the Malay New Year Eid al-Fitr, the yellow packet bestowed to the royal family members

    The 10th Supreme Head Tuanku Ja’afar gifted a golf cap to Malaysian gourmet Jacky Liew



    Honor for the country

    (12)  The Literary Work of Jacky Liew had became the part of collection of U.S, Singapore, Malaysia National Library and Universities.

    (16)  The research subject of Master Thesis “Food Review and its Implication on Malaysia”

    (12) The Literary Work of Jacky Liew had became the part of collection of U.S, Singapore, Malaysia National Library and Universities. In 2017, Jacky was categorized as the representative in Education, Culture and Social Science area. This had shown his contributions in protection to the nearly extinct Nyonya cultures. 

    The book “Truly Nyonya Malacca” catalogued by Library of Congress, Washington National Library, and the collection of Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore. The standard for university collections is books that need to be selected by scholars and experts from various disciplines and have higher academic core values. Therefore, this is an affirmation of the author’s content value, authenticity and academic quality.

    (15) In the Master Thesis “Food Review And Its Implication on Malaysia” of Wan Mee San written that Jacky Liew is the first person called as food critic in Malaysia since 1988. He was the “Feminine Magazine” columnist. 

    UTAR Master Thesis

    Review for PDF  Click.

    (15) Korea Academic Journal cited Nyonya Scholar Jacky Liew’s Work 

    Author Ooi Keat Gin History Professor 

    Korea Academic Journal cited Malaysia Food Critic Jacky Liew’s “Truly Nyonya Malacca” 

    as systematically to research on the Straits Settlement Malacca, Penang, Singapore’s Nyonya Food Culture 

    (17)  Europe Switzerland Academic Encyclopedia included the academic researches of Malaysia Food Critic in “Big Data application in Food Industry” 

    Europe Switzerland




    Malaysia’s first originator known as a gourmet

    His biography as the contemporary latest research 

    and contribution is included in the 

    European Switzerland Academic Encyclopedia

    And it ranks among the world’s 

    Authoritative scholars And scientists 

    In the international academic hall

    Reference to God Big Data

    The Achievement of Technology in Food 

    The European-Switzerland’s Academic Encyclopedia aims to collect the latest research results of contemporary researchers on specific topics. The entries are related to the publications of academic journals such as agriculture, medicine, science, engineering, humanities. It also brings together scientific research institutions, consists of large number of database resources of patent achievements, scientific and technological celebrities, academic literature, and peer audits. The criteria for the inclusion of biographical articles include scholars’ innovative concepts and opinions, important discoveries, key figures, future directions, development status, historical milestones and overall reviews of specific research fields, provide future research guidelines or reveal his/her outstanding achievements in technology-related fields and even contributions to the world.

    China Tech News Interview –


    (18) Catalogued in France Online Library – Babelio is the cataloging website in France dedicated for literature 

    Among people who obtained any France Food Prize, France King of the Chef from France Cordon Blues, Chaine des Ro-tisseurs, Escoffier, but there is only one in Malaysia, Food Critic Jacky Liew has been included in the France Online Cataloging website. 

    Chaine des Ro-tisseurs

    – Food Gourmet

    Gourmet Jacky Liew and nuclear engineer Dato Lau took a photo at the “Global Chef” dinner of the French Gourmet Association (Chaine des Ro-tisseurs). Chefs from various countries served dishes from other countries, paired with fine wines from the same region.

    Jacky Liew catalogued in Japan online encyclopedia which consists of 560 dictionaries, encylopedia and phrases. 

    Included in Google Algorithm “Food Critics” World list, M’sia only have 1

    International Standards

    The standard to evaluate who’s the food critic, food God

    The Internet Search Engine AI evaluation standards does not control by human. It is fair and transparent in measures the popularity of food critis and formed the list. It never the  one sided version of legacy media, organizations or one declare by himself. When checking the normal word online such as “food critics”, you will found the truth. 

    In the keyword of “Food Critics”, the Google Algorithms are catalogued the “Food Critics” around the world. There are 233 countries and 7.9 billion, but the food critics who internationally renowned and represents the prosperities of the countries, in U.S, Europe, England, French, Australia, Asia, Malaysia have 1 (Jacky Liew), Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, total are 30+.  Looking at the 5,000-year culture of the Chinese food kingdom, since Yi yin in the Shang Dynasty, there are only a dozen famous food critic. It can be seen that the gourmets have the high popularity requires a high threshold. Even some countries, although rich, do not have this culture, have no any gourmet represents.

    (5) The first Malaysian Food Critic Jacky Liew included into the Chinese Food Critic list with 8 of the ancient food critic among 5000 years such as Cofucius, Cao Cao, Tu fu, Su Shi, Zhang Dai, Li Yu, Jin Shengtan, Yuan Mei. If he stands out from 1.4 billion of China population and World, it is the glory of Malaysian and his family. 

    China Kuaidong Baike 

    China Sougou Baike 

    Jacky Liew included into the China or Chinese

    Current and Ancient Food Critic’s list 

    China 360 Baike 

    The Historical Moment of listed 

    witness by the 

    First Food Critic in Malaysia

    Int. Food God,World Food Gourmet

    Definition of World Celebrity

    Malaysia Food Critic Jacky Liew has included in the encyclopedia and dictionaries of various country. This proves that his qualifications, academic, theories, achievements and his  contributions by using data science in food evaluation system had qualified the international standards of “famous person”. This is also fulfill the practical reputation of “World Food Gourmet”. 


    The Tuanku and I 

    The first Food Critic summoned by Yang Di Pertuan Negeri (The King) In Malaysia 

    and granted with P.M.C Excellency in serving the society.


    Tunku, The Royal Families, Noble



    Politicians, Business, Famous and Celebrities 



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