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Jacky Liew only rely on his work Truly Nyonya Malacca to include in the line of writer and his book collected by U.S, Singapore and Malaysia National Libraries and Universities 


He has been discussed political topics 

with politicians and his literary work 

also became collections of U.S., Malaysia, 

Singapore’s National and Universities Libraries. 

An unhappy childhood was the best possible training, for a writer, Hemingway once commented. It just like a eternal curse, stick firmly to the life of a great writer and helps him construct the unique writing style. 

Speaking of Jacky Liew (Shi Gongzi) and his family are always full of curiosity and mystery, such as how a gourmet earn for living? How to become a gourmet? There is no denying that the gourmet family still like ordinary people who need to face the burden of daily necessities.

The master wear a rose

The above picture implied Jacky’s thought that the world only as simple as black and white. When studying, there are only subjects that he likes and dislikes. As a gourmet, there are only good and bad tastes.

“The Black and white world of Food Critic”

Many people would be able to recognize themselves as the first. However, the number one person in the food industry in Malaysia is not self-inflicted, but must be recognized by the public. The history is unchangeable. There is a timeline to discuss the seniority and ranking. It is always the most emotional thing to compete for ranking. In some of the Wuxia novel, many masters are fighting for the glory of “The Supreme in Wulin”. It is really meaningless. There might be have different answers on who’s the most famous, who’s the most popular, who’s is the best based on the standards of different person. 

If says that the Malaysia Food Critic Jacky Liew is definitely the most popular and most welcomed food critic, it should not have any disputes due to his fame, influence and selfless dedication. The essays of Jacky Liew gives readers the impulsion of “have a try” and leads to the emotional points given by the masses should be the success factor. Many readers who are loyal to him regard Jacky Liew as a gourmet representative of Malaysia. This is a special affection and belongs to the cordial glory of the “Malaysian gourmet”, but it is difficult for foreigners to understand this honest sense of belonging. But Jacky Liew understands that he is deeply loved because he has been working hard for the Malaysia’s catering industry and has repeatedly emphasized that he is an authentic Malaysian. In this multicultural, multiracial, multilingual and resourceful country, the food of all ethnic groups is complicated, not to mention experts and scholars who may not be familiar with it, let alone those foreign gourmets who know little about Chinese food. Due to the uniqueness of Malaysian food, so that, it makes the Malaysian gourmet became comprehensive in knowledge and independent. It is also because Jacky grew up in such an environment and faced the challenges of finding roots in food cultures and the difficulties in promotion of the Malaysia food, and has more perseverance and tenacity, so that it makes his restaurant critique articles distinctive and extraordinary. 

In 2000, due to the drama “God of Cookery”, Asia became an adventure paradise for the rise of gourmets, and opportunities were plentiful. Someone struggled for a lifetime, and ultimately fell short. Some don’t cherish feathers, some withdrew from the food world to be a tourist guide, and even announced that he was no longer a gourmet. However, only Jacky Liew appreciate his opportunity and made him a classic in the Malaysian food industry.

In his lifetime, he probably didn’t even believe that someday, he would become “the first writer to be known as a gourmet in Malaysia”, for more than 20 years, and it is still popular today and is even regarded as a food and literary wonder, and it is in the industry. How popular is Jacky Liew whom people regard as a “miracle”? As long as you enter the keyword his penname “Shi Gongzi 食公子” online, you will know how many others similar “Shi Gongzi 食公子” there are in China, Hong Kong, and Macao. For this term, if you search the Internet ten years ago, it is the ancient Chun Qiu displayed on the page. In 2010, when searched again, Jacky Liew ranked “Malaysian Gourmet” or “Malaysian Cookery”, and occupies the homepage all over the place, becoming a famous character brand in Asia.

There are also many reasons. Except that the content of the style is consistent with his behaviour and speech, it is often used to change the conversation to develop a humorous style of writing, which is known for its simplicity, easy understanding, and approachability. Getting up is like chatting with friends who share the same interest. He writes about the humanity of food, which transcends the limits stipulated by literary and artistic traditions. This is a style that has never existed before which give readers a vast, yet unstable and bright dining theme, and use each piece of paper to give restaurants affirmation. As for the so-called “literary value,” according to his explanation, Jacky Liew believes that after death, people continue to talk about it, and this is a rule decided by a small group of people. No matter how brilliant and valuable the food articles are, they cannot be widely disseminated to the unintelligible composition, which means that they have never been read. How can they be taught if they can’t convey the truth? If you can consider the level of readers from a macro perspective, and combine specialized knowledge without avoiding slang in spoken language, it will make the public quite familiar with the body, understandable, everyone can read, and when the benefits are written, it will naturally become accepted by people. 

His articles mainly in “telling the truth”, he believes that the most touching food material comes from the most true-life story. If you leave life, there will be no love to speak of. Creation needs to search for materials, and the subject matter comes from the observation and understanding of society. Therefore, every recorded reality is a piece of what the writer sees and hears. If you shoot a digital video, you don’t need to find an actor to interpret, because there is no better way to know your own story than other person. Only through the comparison of taste in perception and personal confirmation can we be qualified to talk about “eating.”

In addition, Jacky Liew has another set of tricks, which is to look from a small point and use the advantages of the restaurant to amplify the awe-inspiring, so it is extraordinarily “good-looking”. Such a combination of art and personality has become the unique literary style of Jacky Liew. If you pay attention, you will notice that his articles never use homophonic, synonymous, similar pronunciation, content, and repetitive words. The reason is that he is afraid of his learning disabilities harassing him.

Food literature is pragmatic, so Jacky Liew will read and read every manuscript before it is published, squeezing himself into a compulsive way to ensure that the text is not added. As long as the manuscript has not been submitted, it will continue to be modified until it is perfect. The highest record can be the original manuscript. Change the connotation to other texts, otherwise, it will be difficult to sleep, and there seems to be something unfinished. Therefore, Jacky Liew is a “perfectionist”.

Numerous “Food Master” in Asia 

Before 2013, there had never been a title related to “Shi Gongzi”, and only the Chunqiu Zhuo Zhuan appeared on the search website. Now, the young generation admires the words “Shi Gongzi”. This is something that has never happened before in the history of Asian food.

In 2010, when he searched for “Shi Gongzi (Chinese: 食公子)” on the Internet, there are only historical records of Chunqiu Zuo Zhuan Zhengyi (Zhao Gong) appeared. The reason of Jacky Liew applied “食公子” as his pen name was because of one day, he accidentally saw it in ancient Chinese book and liked it.

The second reason is that the ancient people thinks “it took three generations to be officials, only they could cultivated refined taste and became epicure”, which means that the three generations of wealthy will know how to eat well. The meaning of “Gongzi 公子” often refers to the son or daughter of a feudal. The eating habits of the three generations will affect the future generations and constitute the conditions for the term of “gourmet”.


大马美食家鼻祖 | 食公子经典

这是廖城兰最先以“廖圣然”别名在《风味》、《旅行家》、《苹果》,所撰写的旅游饮食文章,亦是最早在《苹果》以“苹果“代表星级评鉴。2000年饮食界正处在一个兴替交迭的机遇点上,在尚未流行美食前,普罗大众还不怎热衷於美食追求。故也就无人会在意什么是美食家、食神。在大马,这是个从未有过寻找美食的概念。然而在本土传媒对外来美食家的渲染,导致人们对这名词“美食家” 的认识后,终开启对“吃”的欲望。

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马来西亚饮食文化体系 – 五大源流、三层阶级 | 廖城兰

2010年,马来西亚美食家食公子是首位提出“南洋菜系”一词受马来群岛风味影响的学者,并将马来西亚菜系划分为五大菜系源流,并将其作三等社会阶级:1. 皇室、2. 传统美食、3. 马来西亚菜五大体系,即1.马来、2. 华族、3.印度、4. 特定种族的娘惹菜、5. 东马北婆罗洲土著原始菜系,此外一些独特菜系如北部泰国穆斯林暹罗人菜系及马六甲土生葡萄牙欧亚人菜系。

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大马美食家、食神的名人效应 | 廖城兰 | 食公子经典


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爱国者马来西亚美食大使 | 廖城兰


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廖城兰 食公子-作家与玫瑰花


美国“迷失一代”作家海明威说“作家都有个不幸童年” 像永恒诅咒,牢固贴合在伟大作家的生命里,形成日后独有风格。倘说马来西亚美食家的食公子,绝对是最受欢迎的美食评鉴作家,论名气、影响力及其无私献身精神,该当他莫属。除了食公子杂文给人有种“想吃”冲动外,群众给予的感情分该是成功因素。许多忠於他的读者,把食公子一致当做代表马来西亚的美食家,这是种特殊情份,属於“我们美食家”的亲切荣耀。

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大马美食家; 大马食神; 马来西亚美食家; 马来西亚食神;食公子