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Malaysian cuisine ambassador Shi Gongzi meets with Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia 

It is said that he has always been proud of being a Malaysian. When facing Chinese, he never speaks other languages, because he thinks if could talk in Chinese, why bother to use other languages? When others meet him, they will also take the initiative to greet him kindly in Cantonese. Secondly, he often said that as a Malaysia citizen, Malaysia is dominated by Malays without questioning the facts. Only by actively participating in politics and getting to know dignitaries can we reverse the situation and do things. In addition, we must also pay attention to the education of the next generation. It is imperative to retain the inheritance tools. Regarding the wide-ranging origins of Malaysian food culture, it is the misdiagnosis of foodies who have never been interviewed abroad, not traveling to other countries, but just developing new technology as a new media to promote Malaysian food. Only by attracting foreigners to come to consume[4]can the economy be promoted, instead of inverting the priority and bringing people abroad, expressing self-insight to seek recognition.

Food Critic Dine With VIP

When Agriculture Lecture meet with 

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry

In 2007, after reflecting on Malaysians’ indifference to state leaders and the politically foreseen battles, Jacky Liew added political elements with an informative food narrative and apply the way of dinner invitations to create a sensation in the “Dining with VIP”, and interacts with rulers, ministers, state parliamentarians, and foreign diplomats. Once heard complaints from their assistants, Jacky Liew’s words are like a dagger, especially when he asks questions about the current political situation, there is no room for compromise. If a writer dared to argue with high-ranking officials and dignitaries, there was nothing he dare not offend. So he has a frank and honest disclosure in his articles. Because of his aversion to intrigue and deceit in officialdom, and seeing the world’s bleakness, he finally chose to be at ease with his wife and no longer ask for politics. In fact, politics is people’s livelihood. As Laozi stated in Tao Te Ching, “ruling a big country is like cooking food”. It is like the word “饭 rice” coined by Cangjie, which is the inventor of the Chinese word. If the people is not able to earn living, they will rebellion against the country. “It is more appropriate to use it as a metaphor for the dual track of political future needs and economics.

“Dining with VIP” has met with five sessions of Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA)’s president which from Lee Sam Choon, Chen Qun Chuan, Lin Liang Shi,  Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Ong Ka Ting, Tan Sri Dato’Ong Tee Keat, Tan Sri Chua Soi Lek, Dato Seri Liow Tiong Lai, Dato Sri’ Wee Ka Siong and others with a total of 119 politicians. 



Train the talented in next generation

From Dato Wee Jeck Seng's blog

Train the talented in next generation

(Autographed by Datuk Wee Jeck Seng, Deputy Minister of Plantation and Primary Industries of Malaysia)

Discussing the status of the Chinese in Sarawak

The late Deputy Minister of Housing and Sibu District Parliamentary Dato Lau Hoi Chew who has close relationship to the family of KTS Group which has connection with “Shi Hua Daily” and “Oriental Daily News” said that, this was the column that he has never seen before. It can be seen that Jacky Liew is forward-looking. The first precedent to invite ministers and parliamentarians to care about people’s livelihood in this way was also pioneered by Jacky Liew

Discuss the implementation of Islamic criminal law

Discuss the implementation of Islamic criminal law

Jacky Liew assists in petition to preserve aboriginal land

In 1996, Jacky Liew got acquainted with Karim restaurant in aborigines of the sea in Kampung Sungai Temon, Johor Bahru. Until 2012, he was notified by the state government that the village will be arranged for the construction of the Iskandar Special Zone. The case of the indigenous status preservation of cultural heritage and the successful protection of the land of the Portuguese village that has not been moved has brought in the district legislator Xie Songqing to deal with it. Because the local aborigines have no influence and are neglected economically, although they are aborigines, due to the lack of racial political channels, the only way to preserve the aboriginal land can be through the appeals submitted by the constituency councillors. Until the death of Xie Songqing in 2019, he still worked hard to complete this task.

Shi Gongzi’s influence contributes to the tourism and entertainment industry

Shi Gongzi suggested to Deputy Minister of Tourism, Donald Lim, extended the time limit for entertainment venues and received a response from the government in October 2010.

Malaysia 2020 International Tourist Statistics

According to Malaysia Tourism Department, the number of international tourists received in 2020 was 4,332,722, an decrease of 83.4% compared to the 26,100,784 in 2019 and the revenue is RM86.14 billion. The largest tourism contributor is the ASEAN countries, accounting for 68.1% of the number of tourists (2949363). If the national policy is overcorrected, just like the metaphor of the closure of the city due to the new crown epidemic, the annual tourism income will be unfavorable, so this recommendation is made.

One of the root causes of the world’s food crisis lies in the waste of land resources by the people

One of the root causes of the world’s food crisis lies in the waste of land resources by the people

The Lion Sniff the Flower

The status of a gourmet is acceptable to everyone in the food and beverage industry and cultural circles, even most people abroad, agree that a Malaysian gourmet is equal to a Jacky Liew. This has become one kind of consciousness. In 2007, MCA President and Minister of Housing and Local Government of Malaysia, Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting was invited as the opening guest of a food conference. He signed “Malaysian Food Critic” on the cover of the new book he presented to Jacky Liew. He stated that he expressed his hopes and advised Jacky that, as a Malaysian gourmet, he should put “the country as the most important thing and set an example” in everything, and it was passed on as a good talk. In addition to the names of “God of Cookery” and “Gourmet”, he is also known as “King of Food”, “Prince of Food” and so on. The reason lies in his knowledge and he has detailed research of Malaysian food history. He is easy-going and polite in dealing with others, which is why everyone likes him.
It may be because of his job, he likes to get to know the office, and it is difficult for him to stay in one place and not run around. This has something to do with his nature. He will unconsciously or consciously portray himself as a suave modern and ancient hero, who likes wine and beauty, and his beauties will always be her wife. As a “wife-loving Food God”, he obeyed her words, and never fought against his wife’s intentions. He is a kind of gentle male chauvinism, love for home, and love for his wife[1] .

It is hard to understand the job title of Jacky Liew, but it’s not the job that made him famous, but the first one to turn a restaurant review into a career in this food world since 2000. No one expected that one day, Jacky Liew switched from literature to artificial intelligence data science research.

In 2006, it entered the sauce industry and launched soy sauce and umami sauce and act as the spokeperson of the product. His career involved: scholar (cultural circles-food writers), agriculture (lecturer and consultant of the College of Agriculture), engineering (petrochemical process supplier), business (financial futures trading).

When there is too much to take care of, you can only choose your “favorite” to continue.

Those who are wise have no fear, who are brave have no barrier

But he still need the support of his wife


大马美食家鼻祖 | 食公子经典

这是廖城兰最先以“廖圣然”别名在《风味》、《旅行家》、《苹果》,所撰写的旅游饮食文章,亦是最早在《苹果》以“苹果“代表星级评鉴。2000年饮食界正处在一个兴替交迭的机遇点上,在尚未流行美食前,普罗大众还不怎热衷於美食追求。故也就无人会在意什么是美食家、食神。在大马,这是个从未有过寻找美食的概念。然而在本土传媒对外来美食家的渲染,导致人们对这名词“美食家” 的认识后,终开启对“吃”的欲望。

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马来西亚饮食文化体系 – 五大源流、三层阶级 | 廖城兰

2010年,马来西亚美食家食公子是首位提出“南洋菜系”一词受马来群岛风味影响的学者,并将马来西亚菜系划分为五大菜系源流,并将其作三等社会阶级:1. 皇室、2. 传统美食、3. 马来西亚菜五大体系,即1.马来、2. 华族、3.印度、4. 特定种族的娘惹菜、5. 东马北婆罗洲土著原始菜系,此外一些独特菜系如北部泰国穆斯林暹罗人菜系及马六甲土生葡萄牙欧亚人菜系。

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大马美食家、食神的名人效应 | 廖城兰 | 食公子经典


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爱国者马来西亚美食大使 | 廖城兰


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廖城兰 食公子-作家与玫瑰花


美国“迷失一代”作家海明威说“作家都有个不幸童年” 像永恒诅咒,牢固贴合在伟大作家的生命里,形成日后独有风格。倘说马来西亚美食家的食公子,绝对是最受欢迎的美食评鉴作家,论名气、影响力及其无私献身精神,该当他莫属。除了食公子杂文给人有种“想吃”冲动外,群众给予的感情分该是成功因素。许多忠於他的读者,把食公子一致当做代表马来西亚的美食家,这是种特殊情份,属於“我们美食家”的亲切荣耀。

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大马美食家; 大马食神; 马来西亚美食家; 马来西亚食神;食公子