There are five food critics and food gods, who can be included in Wiki, Baidu of China, and Kuaidong encyclopedia are Chua Lam, Liang Wentao, and Wei Ling, these four are China and Hong Kong people.  However, for overseas Chinese in Malaysia, only Jacky Liew. All of them are Cantonese. They live up to the reputation of China’s “Food in Guangzhou” and just like the “Four Talents of Xiangjiang”. These five modern gourmets are in same line with the ancient gourmets which is a great honor.

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Data Science




Big Data




Future Artificial Intelligence – AI

The innovation of big data and artificial intelligence catering can provide a new service supply system for the diversified, multi-level, customized industry in the future, so as to benefit the global competitive advantage of catering and enterprises.

From 2011 to 2012, the application of big data was in the ascendant, followed by hundreds of millions of Internet and mobile terminals that continued to create a big data generation. Because of the media professional, in 2013, Jacky Liew transferred from literature to the digital platform of film and television publications and evolved to big data, cloud computing and digital technology, redefine the practical assets and future value of the catering industry. Take the lead in using the big data intelligent machine system, in order to let the catering industry enter the popularization of the characteristic, quality, function, precision, and technology operation 3.0 system[5] ,The catering industry will be technologically innovated and the global market consumption will be upgraded. Without being restricted by the number of people, time and area, it will start multi-dimensional monitoring and intelligent analysis of the collection, classification, and arrangement of catering business. Try to use the large output power of geographical coverage or select the attributes of the characters. , Gender, age, occupation, interests, and behaviors are targeted to match the desired objects, so as to achieve data-oriented data orientation even with tastes, preferences, supply and demand, and store operations. Cookie code segment tracking marks are used to target the converted multi-party income according to people’s timely needs. Follow-up referral decisions to meet customers’ “personalized needs” and commercial “target market positioning”[6]. The greatest benefit of big data is not only in precision marketing, but in predicting the future, organizing proactive knowledge decision-making, finding predictive information to gain insights in advance, developing the market in advance, creating market share, reducing expenses, and using big data analysis and Artificial intelligence technology controls or captures valuable information in business circle passenger flow data, absorbs and intercepts as much as possible the source of opponents and even extracts market information, analyzes and handles those major or potential unfavorable factors and internal problems that may trigger risk assessment. Efficacy depends on the scientific research strength of God of Cookery and the huge database of Internet users, and in-depth mining of all online behaviors of the public. Therefore, a data scientist (Data Scientist) is required to integrate the information and applications of data sources. [7]Replace the traditional media’s old operational real-time adjustment feedback effect, which drives the “data analysis and promotion” and “smart machine technology” of catering big data marketing to create intelligence through intelligence , Strengthen machine calculations, learning, and identify data acquisition results, comprehensively implement digital dishes, intelligent catering management, online food delivery operation control system, machine learning cooking, intelligent generation and promotion, and provide intelligent data for the new catering economy The rigid demand for software-integrated high-end technology[8]With a view to occupying a larger market share, pursuing maximization of profits, scale and standardization, it becomes the first large-scale data aircraft carrier in the country to use big data and intelligent catering to achieve disruptive changes as big as the jumping point. It is also the most fascinating of the Jacky Liew.

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    1. Marketing 1.0 means that traditional companies stay at the product stage. Marketing 2.0 is centered on social value and brand. In the data era of Marketing 3.0, one-to-one marketing that can accurately match personalized needs can clear the transaction conversion rate and improve the return on investment ratio without error. The key word for another leap forward is “forecasting” using known data to predict unknown demand. ↩
    2. What precise positioning can big data intelligent technology bring to the catering industry? 1.Individualized needs-Through the online behavior of consumer groups, we can identify user needs and changes to target customers, and formulate corresponding marketing strategies based on the content of interest and timeliness. Regardless of current or long-term operations, big Data can actively identify the pragmatic nature of the customer source needed for the catering industry respond to data support from production, consumption, operation to multiple dimensions to improve the efficiency of the catering industry, and large data can be used as a subdivision based on machine identification based on big data Market trend, renewed the ability of catering management, quality, production, source of goods, food material harvest or shortage price, customer source consumption index ability, so as to guide catering investment and operators to promote catering and even the entire industry. 2.Target market positioning-The location of a restaurant is not only an estimate of market passenger flow, but also factors such as the attributes and interests of nearby consumer groups, surrounding commerce and industry competition, etc., can also be analyzed by big data software to avoid losses. Using big data is to use huge data to assist restaurant and other customers, without sales promotion, customers automatically come to businessThe essence of business, it turned out to be the efficiency of resources, whoever has the greater the data, the control is infinitely possible.↩
    3. To build a data system, the process can range from determining requirements, collecting data, cleaning up information, summarizing and analyzing clustering associations, data overlaying, and predictive modeling. Therefore, data analysis scientists are required to turn the data into useful information products. The value attached to “knowing” is conveyed to the right people.↩
    4. This is a multi-disciplinary and multi-technology “data science” that combines many interdisciplinary theories such as statistics, applied mathematics, computer science and information technology, data analysis, data warehousing, data visualization, pattern recognition, technology software and intelligence Machine learning, psychology. According to the QS ranking of the top 50 universities in the world, as of 2015-2016, only 17 universities came from three countries: Britain, the United States, and Singapore opened data science related subjects, data mining and machine learning at Nanjing University, Tsinghua University and Tsinghua University in 2014 In 2015, the Fudan University Research Institute began to cultivate the emerging science major of data science, revealing that technological progress is inseparable from market-driven, the most important is for commercial applications, and it is this “demand” that supports Scientific Research The invention of discovers new knowledge and new markets. In 2016, TOAST technology in the United States provided software services for catering; in 2017, China’s Alibaba Group launched an unmanned restaurant; in 2018, intelligent robot cooking appeared on the market. This kind of operation structure created with big data and smart machines has gradually gained the attention of the world, and it has become a necessity of the future market and life, and the trend of global development. The cooperation of intelligent data research is indispensable. ↩




and Merchant

The nickname “Malaysian Gourmet”, which was given by the public for the Jacky Liew is printed on the straight banner

Brand soy sauce signed by Malaysian food critic, Jacky Liew

Jacky Liew’s strategy is valued by the business community and he is often invited by restaurants, hotels, and factories to serve as the chief consultant. The picture shows the appointment letter of the Garden Hotel and the food factory.

Since the publication of Today’s Agricultural College journal, Jacky Liew has been encouraging students to combine the cultivation, fishery, livestock and Malaysian diet. Four, to check and accept the research results of teachers and students in a practical way has become an initial gift to the society, and then highlights the attractiveness and dissemination of Malaysian cuisine. The picture above shows that the improved tilapia export has become Indonesia’s famous delicacy “Indonesian flying fish”. The upper right corner is taken by Mrs. Liew in the pepper garden.

Originally, his father asked Jacky Liew to learn how to repair a car, but he didn’t consider his stupidity of driving the screws, and he couldn’t distinguish between the left and right. However, supplying oil for the industry is also regarded as fulfilling his father’s long-cherished wish.


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