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Jacky Liew only rely on his work Truly Nyonya Malacca to include in the line of writer and his book collected by U.S, Singapore and Malaysia National Libraries and Universities. Among the food writer in Malaysia, only Jacky Liew is Chinese


He has been discussed political topics 

with politicians and his literary work 

also became collections of U.S., Malaysia, 

Singapore’s National and Universities Libraries. 

An unhappy childhood was the best possible training, for a writer, Hemingway once commented. It just like a eternal curse, stick firmly to the life of a great writer and helps him construct the unique writing style. 

Speaking of Jacky Liew (Shi Gongzi) and his family are always full of curiosity and mystery, such as how a gourmet earn for living? How to become a gourmet? There is no denying that the gourmet family still like ordinary people who need to face the burden of daily necessities.

The master wear a rose

The above picture implied Jacky’s thought that the world only as simple as black and white. When studying, there are only subjects that he likes and dislikes. As a gourmet, there are only good and bad tastes.

“The Black and white world of Food Critic”

Many people would be able to recognize themselves as the first. However, the number one person in the food industry in Malaysia is not self-inflicted, but must be recognized by the public. The history is unchangeable. There is a timeline to discuss the seniority and ranking. It is always the most emotional thing to compete for ranking. In some of the Wuxia novel, many masters are fighting for the glory of “The Supreme in Wulin”. It is really meaningless. There might be have different answers on who’s the most famous, who’s the most popular, who’s is the best based on the standards of different person. 

If says that the Malaysia Food Critic Jacky Liew is definitely the most popular and most welcomed food critic, it should not have any disputes due to his fame, influence and selfless dedication. The essays of Jacky Liew gives readers the impulsion of “have a try” and leads to the emotional points given by the masses should be the success factor. Many readers who are loyal to him regard Jacky Liew as a gourmet representative of Malaysia. This is a special affection and belongs to the cordial glory of the “Malaysian gourmet”, but it is difficult for foreigners to understand this honest sense of belonging. But Jacky Liew understands that he is deeply loved because he has been working hard for the Malaysia’s catering industry and has repeatedly emphasized that he is an authentic Malaysian. In this multicultural, multiracial, multilingual and resourceful country, the food of all ethnic groups is complicated, not to mention experts and scholars who may not be familiar with it, let alone those foreign gourmets who know little about Chinese food. Due to the uniqueness of Malaysian food, so that, it makes the Malaysian gourmet became comprehensive in knowledge and independent. It is also because Jacky grew up in such an environment and faced the challenges of finding roots in food cultures and the difficulties in promotion of the Malaysia food, and has more perseverance and tenacity, so that it makes his restaurant critique articles distinctive and extraordinary. 

In 2000, due to the drama “God of Cookery”, Asia became an adventure paradise for the rise of gourmets, and opportunities were plentiful. Someone struggled for a lifetime, and ultimately fell short. Some don’t cherish feathers, some withdrew from the food world to be a tourist guide, and even announced that he was no longer a gourmet. However, only Jacky Liew appreciate his opportunity and made him a classic in the Malaysian food industry.

In his lifetime, he probably didn’t even believe that someday, he would become “the first writer to be known as a gourmet in Malaysia”, for more than 20 years, and it is still popular today and is even regarded as a food and literary wonder, and it is in the industry. How popular is Jacky Liew whom people regard as a “miracle”? As long as you enter the keyword his penname “Shi Gongzi 食公子” online, you will know how many others similar “Shi Gongzi 食公子” there are in China, Hong Kong, and Macao. For this term, if you search the Internet ten years ago, it is the ancient Chun Qiu displayed on the page. In 2010, when searched again, Jacky Liew ranked “Malaysian Gourmet” or “Malaysian Cookery”, and occupies the homepage all over the place, becoming a famous character brand in Asia.

There are also many reasons. Except that the content of the style is consistent with his behaviour and speech, it is often used to change the conversation to develop a humorous style of writing, which is known for its simplicity, easy understanding, and approachability. Getting up is like chatting with friends who share the same interest. He writes about the humanity of food, which transcends the limits stipulated by literary and artistic traditions. This is a style that has never existed before which give readers a vast, yet unstable and bright dining theme, and use each piece of paper to give restaurants affirmation. As for the so-called “literary value,” according to his explanation, Jacky Liew believes that after death, people continue to talk about it, and this is a rule decided by a small group of people. No matter how brilliant and valuable the food articles are, they cannot be widely disseminated to the unintelligible composition, which means that they have never been read. How can they be taught if they can’t convey the truth? If you can consider the level of readers from a macro perspective, and combine specialized knowledge without avoiding slang in spoken language, it will make the public quite familiar with the body, understandable, everyone can read, and when the benefits are written, it will naturally become accepted by people. 

His articles mainly in “telling the truth”, he believes that the most touching food material comes from the most true-life story. If you leave life, there will be no love to speak of. Creation needs to search for materials, and the subject matter comes from the observation and understanding of society. Therefore, every recorded reality is a piece of what the writer sees and hears. If you shoot a digital video, you don’t need to find an actor to interpret, because there is no better way to know your own story than other person. Only through the comparison of taste in perception and personal confirmation can we be qualified to talk about “eating.”

In addition, Jacky Liew has another set of tricks, which is to look from a small point and use the advantages of the restaurant to amplify the awe-inspiring, so it is extraordinarily “good-looking”. Such a combination of art and personality has become the unique literary style of Jacky Liew. If you pay attention, you will notice that his articles never use homophonic, synonymous, similar pronunciation, content, and repetitive words. The reason is that he is afraid of his learning disabilities harassing him.

Food literature is pragmatic, so Jacky Liew will read and read every manuscript before it is published, squeezing himself into a compulsive way to ensure that the text is not added. As long as the manuscript has not been submitted, it will continue to be modified until it is perfect. The highest record can be the original manuscript. Change the connotation to other texts, otherwise, it will be difficult to sleep, and there seems to be something unfinished. Therefore, Jacky Liew is a “perfectionist”.

Numerous “Food Master” in Asia 

Before 2013, there had never been a title related to “Shi Gongzi”, and only the Chunqiu Zhuo Zhuan appeared on the search website. Now, the young generation admires the words “Shi Gongzi”. This is something that has never happened before in the history of Asian food.

In 2010, when he searched for “Shi Gongzi (Chinese: 食公子)” on the Internet, there are only historical records of Chunqiu Zuo Zhuan Zhengyi (Zhao Gong) appeared. The reason of Jacky Liew applied “食公子” as his pen name was because of one day, he accidentally saw it in ancient Chinese book and liked it.

The second reason is that the ancient people thinks “it took three generations to be officials, only they could cultivated refined taste and became epicure”, which means that the three generations of wealthy will know how to eat well. The meaning of “Gongzi 公子” often refers to the son or daughter of a feudal. The eating habits of the three generations will affect the future generations and constitute the conditions for the term of “gourmet”.

P A T R I O T 

Malaysian cuisine ambassador Shi Gongzi meets with Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia 

It is said that he has always been proud of being a Malaysian. When facing Chinese, he never speaks other languages, because he thinks if could talk in Chinese, why bother to use other languages? When others meet him, they will also take the initiative to greet him kindly in Cantonese. Secondly, he often said that as a Malaysia citizen, Malaysia is dominated by Malays without questioning the facts. Only by actively participating in politics and getting to know dignitaries can we reverse the situation and do things. In addition, we must also pay attention to the education of the next generation. It is imperative to retain the inheritance tools. Regarding the wide-ranging origins of Malaysian food culture, it is the misdiagnosis of foodies who have never been interviewed abroad, not traveling to other countries, but just developing new technology as a new media to promote Malaysian food. Only by attracting foreigners to come to consume[4]can the economy be promoted, instead of inverting the priority and bringing people abroad, expressing self-insight to seek recognition.

Food Critic Dine With VIP

When Agriculture Lecture meet with 

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry

In 2007, after reflecting on Malaysians’ indifference to state leaders and the politically foreseen battles, Jacky Liew added political elements with an informative food narrative and apply the way of dinner invitations to create a sensation in the “Dining with VIP”, and interacts with rulers, ministers, state parliamentarians, and foreign diplomats. Once heard complaints from their assistants, Jacky Liew’s words are like a dagger, especially when he asks questions about the current political situation, there is no room for compromise. If a writer dared to argue with high-ranking officials and dignitaries, there was nothing he dare not offend. So he has a frank and honest disclosure in his articles. Because of his aversion to intrigue and deceit in officialdom, and seeing the world’s bleakness, he finally chose to be at ease with his wife and no longer ask for politics. In fact, politics is people’s livelihood. As Laozi stated in Tao Te Ching, “ruling a big country is like cooking food”. It is like the word “饭 rice” coined by Cangjie, which is the inventor of the Chinese word. If the people is not able to earn living, they will rebellion against the country. “It is more appropriate to use it as a metaphor for the dual track of political future needs and economics.

“Dining with VIP” has met with five sessions of Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA)’s president which from Lee Sam Choon, Chen Qun Chuan, Lin Liang Shi,  Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Ong Ka Ting, Tan Sri Dato’Ong Tee Keat, Tan Sri Chua Soi Lek, Dato Seri Liow Tiong Lai, Dato Sri’ Wee Ka Siong and others with a total of 119 politicians. 



Train the talented in next generation

From Dato Wee Jeck Seng's blog

Train the talented in next generation

(Autographed by Datuk Wee Jeck Seng, Deputy Minister of Plantation and Primary Industries of Malaysia)

Discussing the status of the Chinese in Sarawak

The late Deputy Minister of Housing and Sibu District Parliamentary Dato Lau Hoi Chew who has close relationship to the family of KTS Group which has connection with “Shi Hua Daily” and “Oriental Daily News” said that, this was the column that he has never seen before. It can be seen that Jacky Liew is forward-looking. The first precedent to invite ministers and parliamentarians to care about people’s livelihood in this way was also pioneered by Jacky Liew

Discuss the implementation of Islamic criminal law

Discuss the implementation of Islamic criminal law

Jacky Liew assists in petition to preserve aboriginal land

In 1996, Jacky Liew got acquainted with Karim restaurant in aborigines of the sea in Kampung Sungai Temon, Johor Bahru. Until 2012, he was notified by the state government that the village will be arranged for the construction of the Iskandar Special Zone. The case of the indigenous status preservation of cultural heritage and the successful protection of the land of the Portuguese village that has not been moved has brought in the district legislator Xie Songqing to deal with it. Because the local aborigines have no influence and are neglected economically, although they are aborigines, due to the lack of racial political channels, the only way to preserve the aboriginal land can be through the appeals submitted by the constituency councillors. Until the death of Xie Songqing in 2019, he still worked hard to complete this task.

Shi Gongzi’s influence contributes to the tourism and entertainment industry

Shi Gongzi suggested to Deputy Minister of Tourism, Donald Lim, extended the time limit for entertainment venues and received a response from the government in October 2010.

Malaysia 2020 International Tourist Statistics

According to Malaysia Tourism Department, the number of international tourists received in 2020 was 4,332,722, an decrease of 83.4% compared to the 26,100,784 in 2019 and the revenue is RM86.14 billion. The largest tourism contributor is the ASEAN countries, accounting for 68.1% of the number of tourists (2949363). If the national policy is overcorrected, just like the metaphor of the closure of the city due to the new crown epidemic, the annual tourism income will be unfavorable, so this recommendation is made.

One of the root causes of the world’s food crisis lies in the waste of land resources by the people

One of the root causes of the world’s food crisis lies in the waste of land resources by the people

The Lion Sniff the Flower

The status of a gourmet is acceptable to everyone in the food and beverage industry and cultural circles, even most people abroad, agree that a Malaysian gourmet is equal to a Jacky Liew. This has become one kind of consciousness. In 2007, MCA President and Minister of Housing and Local Government of Malaysia, Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting was invited as the opening guest of a food conference. He signed “Malaysian Food Critic” on the cover of the new book he presented to Jacky Liew. He stated that he expressed his hopes and advised Jacky that, as a Malaysian gourmet, he should put “the country as the most important thing and set an example” in everything, and it was passed on as a good talk. In addition to the names of “God of Cookery” and “Gourmet”, he is also known as “King of Food”, “Prince of Food” and so on. The reason lies in his knowledge and he has detailed research of Malaysian food history. He is easy-going and polite in dealing with others, which is why everyone likes him.
It may be because of his job, he likes to get to know the office, and it is difficult for him to stay in one place and not run around. This has something to do with his nature. He will unconsciously or consciously portray himself as a suave modern and ancient hero, who likes wine and beauty, and his beauties will always be her wife. As a “wife-loving Food God”, he obeyed her words, and never fought against his wife’s intentions. He is a kind of gentle male chauvinism, love for home, and love for his wife[1] .

It is hard to understand the job title of Jacky Liew, but it’s not the job that made him famous, but the first one to turn a restaurant review into a career in this food world since 2000. No one expected that one day, Jacky Liew switched from literature to artificial intelligence data science research.

In 2006, it entered the sauce industry and launched soy sauce and umami sauce and act as the spokeperson of the product. His career involved: scholar (cultural circles-food writers), agriculture (lecturer and consultant of the College of Agriculture), engineering (petrochemical process supplier), business (financial futures trading).

When there is too much to take care of, you can only choose your “favorite” to continue.

Those who are wise have no fear, who are brave have no barrier

But he still need the support of his wife


Gifted Scholar 

Jacky Liew never plays by the rules, he not only has a variety of interests, but also has the ability and perseverance to inquire into the root of the matter

He enjoys research in various fields and has unique insights on the current situation.

Jacky Liew is one of the writers with the highest income in the media industry by relying on newspapers and publications sales. Indeed, his status as a gourmet has since been established. What’s interesting is that his success is not due to the support of the media and the kitchen industry, nor does it rely on the help of radio and food shows, but Jacky Liew’s photos of restaurants all over the country. Someone said, “Who dares to say that you don’t know Jacky Liew?” This statement is based on the fact that for 20 years, everyone has been in the restaurant and they have seen a photo of him with the owner of the restaurant. The restaurant with his photo is equivalent to a well-known restaurant. If the public would choose the Malaysian celebrities more familiar, Jacky Liew will definitely be one of them. Most of his income comes from his business, and his fame depends on gourmets. There is also an unwritten rule for Shi Gongzi. Before the invitation, he will charge for the purchase of the newspaper at first, then visit, and then submit the manuscript. Even so, after the payment received by the newspaper, there will still the worried of Jacky was not being paid for the manuscript fee for as long as nine months. But the magazines do not have this problem, so most of his columns are on magazines. The reason he has a lot of columns, due to the magazines will give his authority to interview and be able to contribute a meagre force to the food world to preserve traditions and heritage food, and pass on culture through records.

Sometimes, there are some merchants who encounter difficulties. In order to help deal with the poor business, he will help them to pay in the first advance to help them tide over the difficulties. If the restaurant really can’t keep it going, he won’t care about the debt. Or sometimes, he could fund malleable restaurants, buy back the magazines and newspapers, and then forward them to restaurants for free after publication. One is for the restaurant to give away to friends, customers or keep it as a souvenir, and the other is to send it to nearby residents to stimulate local effects.

Probably many people are curious because he has always been low-key and has never talked about himself in the past thirty years. Some media even gave him exclusive interviews and were declined one by one. The reason was that he have more than a dozen columns per month. The high exposure every week was the best interview for him. After all, the space was precious, leaving the opportunity to those who need to become famous. However, he was mistaken by the industry as aloof and perverse, and he was deliberately exiled from the circles. It is undeniable that Jacky Liew is really one of the few gourmets with market value, and a figure of a great food critic, but rarely participates in all kinds of food and beverage events. He thinks it is boring. It is better to read more books at home and accompany his children. He has a sharp eye, strong logic and a touch of play with the world, without losing his taste and scholarly style, but also a brilliant writer. 

In the past two decades, it seems to the food world that every issue has been directed at Jacky’s value. Even patients with terminal cancer have tried every means to make an invitation to see Jacky Liew, in order to have his credibility testify for himself. Leave a souvenir. This makes Liao Chenglan a dilemma. If he goes, he is afraid of being misunderstood for fame and reputation. If he does not go, he will regret and even disrespect the patient.

The most intriguing one is derived from his two styles of “lovable” and “hateful”, which are equally extremely charming, and somebody thinks he is very arrogant with a little mysterious contrast. The fact is that he has strong self-esteem and is afraid of being hurt. In terms of personality, he is not a nobleman, but he is rich in noble temperament and unique aesthetics. His behaviour is a unique kind of scorn, in fact, it is the kind of arrogant and domineering that no one dares to compare with. He likes to drink wine as boiled water, as long as he likes to drink it from morning to night. At the same time, he still being able to hand over so many manuscripts on different subjects, because people who drink too much know that their thinking ability will decline and fragment. If he is still able to write, he must be a maverick genius.

When he was in school, he was regarded by the teacher as an incurable bad student. He felt despised and determined to work three hundred times harder than others if he wanted to succeed. Looking back, it was about the 80s when the honorific titles of “Gourmet” and “God of Cookery” did not appear at all. At that time, most of the invitation to have a restaurant interview with the owner was rejected. Perhaps the local people are shy and think that traditional food does not require advertisements and that they are not famous people. They felt the newspaper reporting makes them feel very uncomfortable. There was an old saying “Only murderers and bad guys will only appear in newspapers.” It can be seen that the interview is an extraordinary experience for normal people. From time to time, they have to do ideological education for the interviewees in advance and learn about the ideas and consciousness of reporting benefits.

In 1996, the movie “The God of Cookery” was released. Jacky restarted the writing career of the food column under the alias of “Jacky Liew” and then “Shi Gongzi”. It is really not easy to have a place in newspapers and magazines in Malaysia. At that time, Jacky Liew was a newcomer in the literary world although he was a successful businessman. To be a columnist is what an extremely lofty status symbol in the old society. Or maybe it’s been eye-catching in the media in just one day. For such an outsider who is neither well-known, background nor good at pulling relations, it is impossible to have a column for him. But he still calls every day to sell himself to various publishers. He finally got his wish and entered the first line of writers in Malaysia, coupled with the enviable title of gourmet, often glitzy at night banquets of political, business, and celebrities. It made him become a figure in the upper class[2]. Later, Jacky Liew described this period of time as a life of “drunken life and dreams of death”. After several efforts to achieve success, he felt that it was time to reassess what is the true meaning of life.

It is common to see in the country, once a person stands out, he will be soon attack by others. If one who wish to become famous, should ask himself, do him has courage to face those attack. 

At the best moment of his life, perhaps because of “green with envy”, he was also attacked by some people. It was not a literary fight from the literature world, but about his photo record of a restaurant and his status in the gastronomic world. The dispute happened on one of the newspapers that had bought the position, but the perpetrator made complaints to another magazines publisher which shows bad intentions. They always believes that as long as he was no longer in newspapers and magazines, he would be no longer a gourmet. Therefore, the perpetrators make use of unilateral rhetoric with the restaurant in Tampin and Gemencheh, Negeri Sembilan. Furthermore, the Seremban newspaper and the kitchen industry jointly created the “character assassination”, thinking that no one was well aware of the plot. As everyone knows, the good act will be well rewarded. 

What made him feel extremely distressed was that he was a person who had no complaints and no regrets and had taken care of magazines, newspapers, and the kitchen world. However, he was being betrayed by his friends and partners. Jacky Liew would rather lose his life than believe that he will be framed by former friends. Such a reversal of the right and wrong slander, after the incident, the shame to his family and the harm to his children, how much should it be, but without any chance of clarification, it was published anonymously without naming, fortunately, his friend informed him the matters. The mapping triggered by a certain targeted word in the content has seriously damaged the reputation of Jacky Liew. The fictitious statements made by the newspapers and publications will not only have a tendency to degrade the personality of Jacky in the eyes of the public but also seriously damage the reputation of the person who is defamed. It is a “defamation in permanent form” in Section 3 of the 1957 Defamation Act.

Not Good –

At that time, although food promotion had just started, the catering industry knew that the advertising effects of books and newspapers could bring business, but they wanted to avoid paying, so they took the chance to take risks, and finally ended up with “publically post by newspaper”. 


Jacky Liew often purchases the position for the kitchen industry and acts as a book and newspaper agent, which is equivalent to taking the risk of restaurants would refuse in paying the price. He thinks that those who want to advertise should not be embarrassed by being published in the newspaper. So he helps those by paying advanced, but the example of requiting kindness with enmity was fully applied to Jacky Liew.

If somebody made ones lost his job, still not as serious as killing one’s parent

But spreads rumors and ruins reputation is the most bad behavior that ruin one’s family. 

Regardless of whether others believe it or not, or cause financial and any form of loss, they have committed an indictable defamation crime, and malicious defamation claims will be sky-high[3]. For fear of being sued, the perpetrators once again deleted the fictitious reports that were originally posted on the Internet, deleted some vocabulary that easily violated the law, and posted back on the website. The purpose is to hope that the relevant defamatory articles can be re-shared and cause more serious harm to Jacky Liew. At that time, his emotions seemed to fall to the bottom of the valley and suffered thunder. In response to the defamation news report, Jacky Liew has already reported the case to the police. He originally wanted to sue the party who defame him and return his innocence. But his wife advice him, “Both born of the same root, why torment each other so cruelly!” Even if his lawsuit is won but to stand in each others’ ‘shoes’, how can lose party’s family faced public opinion? Therefore, he reserves the right to sue, but it also confirms the idiom of “the shot hits the bird that pokes its head out”. He believed that the ones behind have never read Sun Tzu’s Art of War. After the exposure, Jacky Liew was easy to discover whether there was an enemy or friend in his surrounding. One should know that there is a competition to make progress.
The saboteurs are all “weak”. Because they cannot succeed, they want to use the mean of defame to get the attention of others, and the premise of sabotage is “jealousy.” Usually towards someone who is stronger than him and threatens him. Therefore, although the saboteur is hateful, he cannot compete with the strong, which is his pitiful inferiority. And the slandered is a strong person, so he will not be interested in his pity. Although it is said that the rumours stop at the wise, it does not mean that “the clear one clears oneself”, but to win the final victory with wisdom, to show that it is not affected by any slander. Once jealousy appears, there will be destruction. Therefore, the slanderer cannot be allowed to succeed. Only the brave are fearless and willing to strive for self-improvement. A sick person who has no remorse should be sued by the law to redress the injustice.

Incite, Personal Abuse

From Sin Chew Daily

Painted the portrait of the Food God Jacky Liew on the wall as a giant sign
A photo of the owner’s family and Malaysian Food Critic Jacky Liew on the wall of the restaurant

Destroy the Food Critic – Just for the Interest and title

In fact, there is no such “to be an instant hit”. Any success requires efforts and “jealousy is the tribute which mediocrity pays to genius”. Since ancient times, there has been a tradition of “anti to one who steals the spotlight”. Without Jacky Liew, only the media, celebrities, celebrity chefs, and even new gourmets and “God of Cookery” can rise to monopolize the food world. Everyone knows that as long as he is there, there is no chance to get this piece of fat.

Then in 2013, due to studying data science, he rarely appear in front of the public. After more than 20 years of being stolen, he finally had time to continue the unfinished academic research. Within the 7 years, Jacky Liew wrote his “biography” and included it in “Wikipedia” and “China Baidu”, he also received the support of a large number of people. Now the keywords of “Malaysian Food Critic” and “God of Cookery” proves that everyone has not forgotten their food critic, which greatly encourages Jacky Liew.

In recent years, as the founder of “God Big Data”, he has been regarded as “Golden Brain”, one forward-looking and a marketing master. This provides a lofty status to him as he is using big data and intelligent machine learning to promote food. In this regard, the technology and unique viewpoints of Jacky Liew are highly anticipated by the Internet, culture, media, restaurants and entrepreneurs, and he will have new breakthroughs in the future. Of course, this indisputable fact is that not everyone can accept it. Those who disagree with his style of behaviour cannot deny what he has done and serve the industry without hesitation. For a person who does not have a large restaurant, restaurant business, does not supply food products to the catering industry and not conduct any gastronomy tourism, he different with other gourmets and cooks who own a restaurant, catering, and food business. They only earn for their own wealth. Furthermore, after the restaurants being recommended, the restaurant would become famous and the profits obtained from them has nothing to do with him. He is not relying upon o the sporadic manuscript fees and writing food provided by the old media? To clarify, it is not just for the sake of the prospect of a win-win situation between the Malaysian catering industry and the media.

Fortunately, after the “character assassination”, it did not cause any negative impacts. After all, Jacky Liew has been in this area for more than 20 years. From buying newspapers, selling books, and purchasing positions for a restaurant recommendation, the public would definitely know the truth and will not easily believe the defamation contents. What’s more, Jacky Liew has spent a quarter of a century in his career and he truly understands the reality of cast aside the bow once the birds are gone. Jacky Liew never thought that a food critic is a personal patent because anyone can be a food critic. The key is that when someone success in it, you have to recognize it.




In 2015, this is the affirmation of the colleagues in the food world, “taste life, fair comment”

The “character assassination” in 2013 made Jacky Liew even more prestigious





The story is easy to understand, if Jacky is like the one as reported in newspaper, have anyone been a person who donated to Chef associations, served to newspapers and magazines was being framed, it is just like the one which is  uncorrupted set by someone who is corrupted. Furthermore, these people never been collected with any interview fees and perhaps there is no even any penny was being cheated. Have anyone seen parent who trained his children to be lawyer and university top students, even they knows they will be targeted, but still brought his wife and his lawyer daughter go to banquet and hang on banner as promotion?  If you are a “honorable man” you will think that whether the things go through is right or wrong, what they said are true or false and will not believe it blindly. 

In 1931, Hu Shi delivered a message to his students of Peking University: The purpose of education is to prevent people from being ‘confused’, know they what to do or become a person who is not confused. This requires knowledge to bring self-confidence, and everything should emphasizes ‘evidence’. If there is no evidence, it can only be assumed, but not asserted, and it must be confirmed before it can be concluded. Only in this way can we avoid being confused and guide others from being “confused”. Everything must be based on evidence, data, and logic, rather than fabricating things out of thin air in the name of freedom, for one’s own selfishness and for the self-benefit.

Facts Will Eventually Scotch the Rumors 

World Food Gourmet Jacky Liew visited Royale Chulan, an international hotel group, and was honored by the Hotel’s German Chief Executive Leo Kuscher on the top floor of the VIP guest room, and presented a special VIP gifts For Jacky.

In 2017, World Food Gourmet was invited by Royale Chulan to have an interview. The hotel welcomed him by hang banner on the front door of Hotel and also the surrounding. Although the “character assassination” happened in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, but it seems does not create any negative impact to Food Critic. 

Rumors will Stop by Wise Man

After the “character assassination”, Jacky was invited by Seremban’s Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry to participate into Chinese New Year Celebration. The image above shown that Jacky brought his wife and his lawyer daughter and the local famous Seremban Food Critic Mr. Ma and his son. It seems that “the wise man knows he knows nothing, the fool thinks he knows all”, the rumor and slander will always stopped by the wise man. In the future, your children will meet their children too. So the parents should help their children to have good connection and interaction to others. So that if the children meet together with each other will have good relationships due to it. 

昭 告

A N N O U N C E M E N T 


The Character Assassination

沉 冤 得 雪

In 20 November, 2020, since the Food Critic Classic biography has uploaded to the Internet and Jacky has clarified the matter of “The Character Assassination” in the second page of Part I, many of the readers asked privately, “why they could not find the report?” Therefore, he re-searched the headline entry about the report of “The Character Assassination”, however, he found that there was no such report no matter on the website of that newspaper nor any related results in the Internet or Google. This shows that one thing, Jacky has finally gained his justice and the injustice was undone. 

For the matter of “The Character Assassination”, it is expected to have three forces behind which are the newspaper, magazine and the Seremban Food Industry. They attempted to use the argument about the photos application of the restaurant and maliciously fabricated defamatory report to frame the Malaysia Food Critic without any factual support. After that, they could have divide the interests in Malaysia Food Industry and allow others to compete for the name of gourmet too. Unfortunately, they unable to reach what their expected. Although he no longer write columns, but still a food critic, food god. 

After that, the publication that already published in the Internet amended in content and put back to the Internet. However, why was it finally removed? Perhaps, it is a frame and self-inflicted guilt. They afraid of the readers online will uphold the justice and righteous, so they dare not to make any mistake. It can be seen that “harmfulness is not allowed”, or it will cause a person bear the stings of conscience. When the report is removed, it can be regarded as the matter never happened, however it has caused harm to Jacky and his family at that time and cannot be remedied. It also proves that the one-sided statement from the restaurant in Tampin, Negeri Sembilan is not true. If there is such a thing, why they withdraw the article if they tried to “reveal the truth”? This reflects that “The Character Assassination” is something out of nothing.  At first, the report does not dare to mention the name, but now it shows that the report intends to mislead or used the public opinion to harm Jacky, thereby destroying his reputation, so that he could not stand on the food industry. This even more demonstrated the dark side behind the newspaper. From then on, the “credibility” that led to the fourth right is dead. 

After all, the fictitious report and all the evidences were in the hand of Jacky. From the legal perspectives, they might fear that repeatedly upload the report to the Internet would trigger the lawsuit of republication of defamatory report as every republication of a libel is a new libel. It might cause them to bear the exorbitant compensations. Moreover, no one is willing to bear for the heavy responsibilities of “joint defamation”. The report is deleted by hoping to calm Jacky’s anger and hoping he will not take any action against them. In the old saying “both born of the same root, why torment each other so cruelly”,  however, these  people still owe an apology to the Malaysia Food Critic. 

The incident of “The Character Assassination” has 

return the truth to Jacky Liew

A person should appreciate what other’s have do to you, 

but not betray to the one who had help you

If someone could repay the other’s bad deed with moral

It is our Chinese tradition 

Soft Vandalism

Soft vandalism is a kind of means to achieve specific goals without any violence or interest temptation by attracting the “attention” from the public, that is, make use of what “someone” does, as an attraction and utilizes others to do what you want them to do. He doesn’t need to get his hands dirty and the “someone” is going to ruin and living like years under the fear of others, and even dying for relief, just like “kill with a borrowed sword.” It sounds terrifying, because, apart from the media, who has such a powerful force to implement “soft vandalism”.

It may be quoted here that on December 11, 1941, China’s Xin Min Newspaper entitled “Waiting for a Plane from Outside – Seven or Eight Foreign Dogs Drinking Milk”, which published that Sun Yat-Sen’s brother-in-law Kong Xiangxi took the National Government plane when the Japanese army attacked Hong Kong. The plane loaded with all personal belongings, including “a few foreign dogs” and subsequently led to a student wave of “Kong Xiangxi shot to death”. Later, Yang Tianshi, a researcher at the Republic of China of Social Sciences Research Institute, proved that this was “fake news”. Although the public often calls Kong Xiangxi a corrupt official, if he didn’t do it, it should be vindicated him. 

From another point of view, a prominent person like Kong Xiangxi had been suffering this injustice for more than half a century, and he relied on future generations to vindicate him. If ordinary people encounter irresponsible reports of “soft vandalism” in the press,  for example, someone is reported as a liar with a big headline and few newspapers rushed to reprint it, after that, the charge is withdrawn, but the newspaper is chosen not to report it, or newspaper is rejected to publish it, which results from the public continues to misidentify him as a liar. It is conceivable how serious the injury was suffered by his family, who forced him to left his hometown since then.

Some even published the victim’s name and photo for the so-called “justice” in the newspapers. If the newspaper chooses not to write the person’s name, it believes that this will not compromise the integrity of the report and will not take away the responsibility of the reporter. “Freedom of the press” is the foundation of a democratic country, rather than arbitrarily ignoring the survival value of others, and wantonly trampling or even private use of public tools to seek benefits. So it dares to ask, when the defenceless civilians faced the “soft vandalism”, how they able to defend themselves. However, fortunately, the Internet can at least helps them to clarify.

“These people owe food critic an apologize.”

Jacky Liew wish to has his epitaph 

written as “Writer, Food Gourmet” 

Finally, he hopes that after he dead, his epitaph will be engraved with “Jacky Liew (Shi Gongzi) was a writer and gourmet when he was alive.” This shows how much he cherishes this honor and values the status of a writer and a gourmet. People should admire him as in this food world, he can still stay with his extraordinary perseverance. When everyone thought he could not be a gourmet, he did it. Whether anyone like it or not, he was the first in Malaysia to be known as a gourmet in history. From his writing, it even affects other publications, newspapers imitating, responding to its concept.

The Influence of Celebrity

Jacky Liew’s “Dine with VIP” in Feminine has attracted widespread attention and he has became the first Malaysia Food Critic. In the magazine, there are few special columns of “VIP‘s Album”, “VIP Tasting” which can be seen that his business and writing philosophy have a profound impact on the legacy media. 

“The Honor Code” was set by Appia Kwane Anthony Appiah, a famous theoretician and law professor in the Department of Philosophy of Princeton University, who was awarded the National Humanities Medal by President Obama in 2012.

The definition of honour means worthy of respect. A “respectful” person does not purely refer to dignitaries. It means that the person has a respectable character and shows a set of good norms recognized by the world. A famous person who has been “respected” and even after death, can still retain his fame.
All honourable people should respect this set of social creeds and have to do their best.

The British gentleman class believes that there is an “honour code”, that is, “gentleman” should behave honestly and not deceive, protect the weak, respect women, behave appropriately, not humiliate the family, and respect the respect of others. Only those who meet these standards are eligible to be respected and can be called a “gentleman”. If someone is foul, he/she should be ashamed. If someone is defamed by others, he must fight to defend his honour.
The theorist Apia also proposed a distinction between “key honour” and “respect”. “Honor” is the theoretical prerequisite for obtaining respect. There is an admirable quality, but “respect” does not. Even a person with no power and influence can win people’s respect as long as the behaviour is dignified and meets the honour regulations.

Success likes the light covered the darkness behind, people will no longer see your struggle and bitterness. 

– Jacky’s Quote


  1. In 2006, the British The Times reported a result of a Danish researcher. If a person: 1. Live well, 2. Have a good marriage, 3. Children are filial piety and talented. 4. Eating pleasure, 5. The improvement of social status will make people look younger than their actual age, and point out that a happy marriage will make a woman younger. This is one of the secrets of a healthy life. 
  2. The upper class according to the New York Times 1. “Very rich person” refers to ethnic groups and entrepreneurs with an annual income of 20 million US dollars. 2. “General rice person” refers to lawyers and doctors. “Newly high-income” refers to high-income professionals such as scientific and technological talents. In addition, the enlightenment for getting rich is not necessarily the rich second generation who is blessed by the family, but the new aristocrats who can do it only with their own knowledge. The lower-class society refers to the middle class.
  3. What is more precious than reputation? The Chief Justice Eusoff Chin of the Federal Court cannot comment on the same as the compensation for the loss of reputation and the compensation for the accident, because “defamation” is malicious to destroy a person’s reputation and is equivalent to killing the person, but the accident is not deliberate, such as a car accident. If a person loses a finger, no matter who loses it, it means losing a finger, but in a defamation case, malicious slander of a person’s reputation is killing that person. After his reputation is damaged, he may feel painful. Simply paying for money will not save his personal reputation. He may lose all his friends and be isolated by society. Or even a nine-figure compensation will not make up for his psychological trauma. For today, almost all claims for loss of reputation come from news reports and public social comments. That’s because no journalist or even a citizen can fully ensure that his reports or comments will not be misquoted and make unfair or untrue criticisms. As a matter of fact, once the truth of a report or commentary error is revealed to the media itself, it will result in a loss of public trust in it, resulting in credibility and irreparable loss of value. Therefore, in the trial, the judge will ask the practitioners to provide professional verification as much as possible to define whether the media has released moral goodwill, instead of blindly reporting on the beach and increasing the social burden.

When meet to Jacky Liew

When most fans see him, the first thing they do is to shout “Jacky Liew is coming”, and then they ran over to ask for a photo, and then happily showed off among their friends, and then took a photo with their friends. Repeat as such.

Thanks to the fans of Jacky Liew (Shi Gongzi) for supporting their food critic.

It’s not that he never had such a “dream” when he was a teenager. He imagined that he would be a scientist in the future, wearing a black cloak and buttons opening on his white shirt, revealing the platinum cross necklace, driving the Merz, holding a silver hip flask in one hand, and an unread book Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio by Qing dynasty writer, Pu Songlin.

“No one can say for the future, as long as you believe in “can”, you “can”





The "first" did by Jacky Liew

If you want to make a written record of a person’s contribution to Malaysian food culture throughout his life, in the food industry. The first thought was Shi Gongzi, who used innovation and persistence to create a legend of a gourmet.

In 2013, Shi Gongzi has devoted himself to researching big data science

This is really not easy for ordinary people. However, it is necessary to list down the glory and records that Jacky Liew made. Everything is so tangible that can’t describe it all, and it also makes Jacky Liew the gourmet in the eyes of everyone.

  1. The first one in Malaysia to continue for more than 30 years, to do food culture preservation work for well-known restaurants and recipes, so that the knowledge and skills of cooking and recipes can be passed on from generation to generation. This is the cultivation of future catering talents, which will be passed on to future generations and give great research value to anthropology, and sociology.
  2. The first scholar introduced Malaysian cuisine influenced by Malay Archipelago and systematically classify into 3 levels of social classes royal family, traditional and five main dishes. It is a feature of the pillars of Malaysian tourism culture and improves the impressions of abroad towards Malaysia.
  3. The first to use “data-based analysis to promote” Malaysian cuisine and bring catering to the technology category of “smart machinery” to promote the industry’s products, tastes, services, convenience, facilities, cost-effectiveness and other dimensions, making decision-making more scientific, precise and clear The goal is to target the new high-end market, redefine the evaluation criteria of Malaysian food, achieve leap-forward competition, and increase the ability of Malaysian cuisine to compete with the world.
  4. The first well-known restaurant with more than a thousand photos hanging in all parts of the country, as an iconic gourmet and looking at his economic potential, not only has the external development of the Malaysian food market, but also the local market Economic stimulus and restaurant development have achieved.
  5. The first food critic received such a grand treatment. Whenever a tourist resort or restaurant industry knows that the Jacky Liew is coming, they will hang the banner which form the spectacular scene to welcome him. This is because tourists likes to explore food where celebrities visit and form the key leader opinion KLO.
  6. The first to continuously met 119 ministers, deputy ministers, state legislators, celebrity gourmets and discuss on the current malpractices, present facts condemning political chaos, flogging corruption and abuse of power, he also do not forget to point out the sluggish education system, using his keen observation, thinking and experience to clarify the myth of political and economic education, leading readers to a higher perspective, doing objective reflections, and seeing the truth.
  7. The first Chinese writer to be summoned by His Majesty the Supreme Ruler in Malaysia. He always bearing in mind the encouragement of the Supreme Ruler, “Everything must be done well.”
  8. The first in the history of food in Malaysia, there are so many food critic from overseas who share the same name “Shi Gongzi”, just mention it, it will help to think of the food critic in Malaysia, Malaysia and its place of birth or recommended food which effectively enhancing Malaysia’s overseas visibility.
  9. The first food critic in Malaysia that so many restaurant used him as brand promotion in various forms.

Number 10

From the five major ethnic group’s cuisine that constitute the three levels of Malaysian cuisine and search to the roots of Chinese cuisine since 403 BC to the 21st century, was a huge cultural project. The purpose is to more accurately infer the food history of Malaysia from 1957 before independence to 2020. The food situation of more than one hundred years, based on what the Jacky Liew sees and hears, fills in the missing gap, in order to describe and base the Malaysian food in detail. The diversified characteristics of the restaurant have sorted out the true face and preserved the roots of food culture for future generations. There will be nowhere to be investigated for less than a few decades. And it’s what he can do in his life, even if it’s not for money, he should do his best. The academic value cannot be measured by money.






“Classic Man” defined in urban dictionary means that a classic character must be an individual in the society to obtain the highest honor. In the old society, a woman could not become a classic character. The definition of a classic character is interpreted as “It has the highest level of identity and status, can be used as a prototype or standard, and has lasting value, and is widely discussed.”

Malaysia’s first awarded food crtitic


The Foresightedness of Shi Gongzi

Only the gourmets and cooks who can do everyone can’t do can be a “classic” characters.

Thirty years later, when the food review system was not yet complete, before there were no gourmets and cooks, he had already taken the lead in actively promoting Malaysian cuisine, so as to preserve the foundation of his diet for future generations.

As a consequence, once again foreseeing the current maladies in Malaysia’s political arena, using his usual observation, thinking, experience, and analysis to open up political theories with politicians as the subject, gradually discussing right and wrong, so that the general public can choose the government they need and avoid making wrong choices.

In the new data generation of the Internet, Jacky Liew once again knows things like a god, controlling data technology ahead of the media and the catering industry, and becoming a gourmet and food god who is ahead of others everywhere.

Over the past 20 years, no one in the catering industry has been exposed to food earlier than Jacky Liew, continues to systematize Malaysian cuisine, and uses data technology to deduct the progress of food. 20 years later, if no one can do it, Lord Eater is still a “classic figure.” .


  1. 注释

    1. July 21, 2007, Nanyang Siang Pau, a Hong Kong Food Critic was appointed by the Ministry of Tourism of Malaysia as “My Malaysia Walking Food Guide”.  But he took Malaysian to have trip to China, Zhong Shan, ZhuHai, Macau, Hong Kong and dining at his restaurants instead of brings Hong Kong people to Malaysia.




The Contributor 

Social Resonsibilities 




There are five food critics and food gods, who can be included in Wiki, Baidu of China, and Kuaidong encyclopedia are Chua Lam, Liang Wentao, and Wei Ling, these four are China and Hong Kong people.  However, for overseas Chinese in Malaysia, only Jacky Liew. All of them are Cantonese. They live up to the reputation of China’s “Food in Guangzhou” and just like the “Four Talents of Xiangjiang”. These five modern gourmets are in same line with the ancient gourmets which is a great honor.

Archived from China Internet







Data Science




Big Data




Future Artificial Intelligence – AI

The innovation of big data and artificial intelligence catering can provide a new service supply system for the diversified, multi-level, customized industry in the future, so as to benefit the global competitive advantage of catering and enterprises.

From 2011 to 2012, the application of big data was in the ascendant, followed by hundreds of millions of Internet and mobile terminals that continued to create a big data generation. Because of the media professional, in 2013, Jacky Liew transferred from literature to the digital platform of film and television publications and evolved to big data, cloud computing and digital technology, redefine the practical assets and future value of the catering industry. Take the lead in using the big data intelligent machine system, in order to let the catering industry enter the popularization of the characteristic, quality, function, precision, and technology operation 3.0 system[5] ,The catering industry will be technologically innovated and the global market consumption will be upgraded. Without being restricted by the number of people, time and area, it will start multi-dimensional monitoring and intelligent analysis of the collection, classification, and arrangement of catering business. Try to use the large output power of geographical coverage or select the attributes of the characters. , Gender, age, occupation, interests, and behaviors are targeted to match the desired objects, so as to achieve data-oriented data orientation even with tastes, preferences, supply and demand, and store operations. Cookie code segment tracking marks are used to target the converted multi-party income according to people’s timely needs. Follow-up referral decisions to meet customers’ “personalized needs” and commercial “target market positioning”[6]. The greatest benefit of big data is not only in precision marketing, but in predicting the future, organizing proactive knowledge decision-making, finding predictive information to gain insights in advance, developing the market in advance, creating market share, reducing expenses, and using big data analysis and Artificial intelligence technology controls or captures valuable information in business circle passenger flow data, absorbs and intercepts as much as possible the source of opponents and even extracts market information, analyzes and handles those major or potential unfavorable factors and internal problems that may trigger risk assessment. Efficacy depends on the scientific research strength of God of Cookery and the huge database of Internet users, and in-depth mining of all online behaviors of the public. Therefore, a data scientist (Data Scientist) is required to integrate the information and applications of data sources. [7]Replace the traditional media’s old operational real-time adjustment feedback effect, which drives the “data analysis and promotion” and “smart machine technology” of catering big data marketing to create intelligence through intelligence , Strengthen machine calculations, learning, and identify data acquisition results, comprehensively implement digital dishes, intelligent catering management, online food delivery operation control system, machine learning cooking, intelligent generation and promotion, and provide intelligent data for the new catering economy The rigid demand for software-integrated high-end technology[8]With a view to occupying a larger market share, pursuing maximization of profits, scale and standardization, it becomes the first large-scale data aircraft carrier in the country to use big data and intelligent catering to achieve disruptive changes as big as the jumping point. It is also the most fascinating of the Jacky Liew.

To know more about God Big Data, please see-WWW.GODBIGDATA.COMOfficial Website


    1. Marketing 1.0 means that traditional companies stay at the product stage. Marketing 2.0 is centered on social value and brand. In the data era of Marketing 3.0, one-to-one marketing that can accurately match personalized needs can clear the transaction conversion rate and improve the return on investment ratio without error. The key word for another leap forward is “forecasting” using known data to predict unknown demand. 
    2. What precise positioning can big data intelligent technology bring to the catering industry?
      1.Individualized needs-Through the online behavior of consumer groups, we can identify user needs and changes to target customers, and formulate corresponding marketing strategies based on the content of interest and timeliness. Regardless of current or long-term operations, big Data can actively identify the pragmatic nature of the customer source needed for the catering industry respond to data support from production, consumption, operation to multiple dimensions to improve the efficiency of the catering industry, and large data can be used as a subdivision based on machine identification based on big data Market trend, renewed the ability of catering management, quality, production, source of goods, food material harvest or shortage price, customer source consumption index ability, so as to guide catering investment and operators to promote catering and even the entire industry.
      2.Target market positioning-The location of a restaurant is not only an estimate of market passenger flow, but also factors such as the attributes and interests of nearby consumer groups, surrounding commerce and industry competition, etc., can also be analyzed by big data software to avoid losses. Using big data is to use huge data to assist restaurant and other customers, without sales promotion, customers automatically come to businessThe essence of business, it turned out to be the efficiency of resources, whoever has the greater the data, the control is infinitely possible.
    3. To build a data system, the process can range from determining requirements, collecting data, cleaning up information, summarizing and analyzing clustering associations, data overlaying, and predictive modeling. Therefore, data analysis scientists are required to turn the data into useful information products. The value attached to “knowing” is conveyed to the right people.
    4. This is a multi-disciplinary and multi-technology “data science” that combines many interdisciplinary theories such as statistics, applied mathematics, computer science and information technology, data analysis, data warehousing, data visualization, pattern recognition, technology software and intelligence Machine learning, psychology. According to the QS ranking of the top 50 universities in the world, as of 2015-2016, only 17 universities came from three countries: Britain, the United States, and Singapore opened data science related subjects, data mining and machine learning at Nanjing University, Tsinghua University and Tsinghua University in 2014 In 2015, the Fudan University Research Institute began to cultivate the emerging science major of data science, revealing that technological progress is inseparable from market-driven, the most important is for commercial applications, and it is this “demand” that supports Scientific Research The invention of discovers new knowledge and new markets. In 2016, TOAST technology in the United States provided software services for catering; in 2017, China’s Alibaba Group launched an unmanned restaurant; in 2018, intelligent robot cooking appeared on the market. This kind of operation structure created with big data and smart machines has gradually gained the attention of the world, and it has become a necessity of the future market and life, and the trend of global development. The cooperation of intelligent data research is indispensable. 




and Merchant

The nickname “Malaysian Gourmet”, which was given by the public for the Jacky Liew is printed on the straight banner

Brand soy sauce signed by Malaysian food critic, Jacky Liew

Jacky Liew’s strategy is valued by the business community and he is often invited by restaurants, hotels, and factories to serve as the chief consultant. The picture shows the appointment letter of the Garden Hotel and the food factory.

Since the publication of Today’s Agricultural College journal, Jacky Liew has been encouraging students to combine the cultivation, fishery, livestock and Malaysian diet. Four, to check and accept the research results of teachers and students in a practical way has become an initial gift to the society, and then highlights the attractiveness and dissemination of Malaysian cuisine. The picture above shows that the improved tilapia export has become Indonesia’s famous delicacy “Indonesian flying fish”. The upper right corner is taken by Mrs. Liew in the pepper garden.

Originally, his father asked Jacky Liew to learn how to repair a car, but he didn’t consider his stupidity of driving the screws, and he couldn’t distinguish between the left and right. However, supplying oil for the industry is also regarded as fulfilling his father’s long-cherished wish.



Malaysian cuisines divides into 5 main ethnic groups and 3 level of social classes: 1. Royal and Noble, 2. National Heritage Food, 3. Malaysian cuisines of five main ethnic groups such as 1.Malay, 2.Chinese, 3. India, 4.Special ethnic Nyonya Food, 5. East Malaysia Aborigines Cuisines and another unique dishes from North Malaysia Peninsular Siamese Malaysian and Eurasian. 

In 2010,  Jacky Liew firstly introduces the Malaysian cuisines categorize as “Malay Archipelago Delicacies of Nanyang Cuisine” and systematize it into five major ethnic groups according to their race, language family, geography and other characteristics.

Malaysia cuisines consists of:

  1. Malay Cuisine” forms by Austronesian language family which are Proto-Malay, Deutero-Malay, Malay world (Nusantara), Arab immigrants and others.
  2. Chinese Cuisine” includes the Malaysian Chinese native place dishes from South of China under the Sino-Tibetan language family.
  3. South and North Indian Cuisines” from Dravidian language family and Indo-European language family. Except for Malaysian Indian, it may also divides into “Mamak” which intermarriage between Malay and South Indian immigrants and “Hindu Muslim” which intermarriage between Malay and North Indian immigrants. Both of the Mamak and Hindu Muslim have the identity of “Bumiputera” as the Malay. However, the Hindu Muslim does not know Tamil like Mamak, they used Penang-Malay language.
  4. Special ethnic cuisines” belongs to Malay-Creole. It only limited to ethnic group born within the British Colonies such as Baba Nyonya which intermarriage between Malay and Chinese or Peranakan and the another Chitty ethnic which intermarriage between Malay and Indian. It is different with Mamak and Indian Muslim that Chitty does not believe in Muslim.
  5. Aborigines cuisines” forms by West Malaysia’s aborigines of Eurasiatic and Austronesian language family and the native peoples from Sabah, Sarawak of East Malaysia.

The another two unique ethnics, they are:

  1. Eurasian Mixed Blood Cuisine” from the historical context of Malaysia colonial times. The Portuguese, England man, Holland intermarriage with the local people, one of the most famous is the Luso-Asian cuisines that happened in the intermarriage with the Portuguese and Local people.
  2. Malaysia Siamese cuisine” is the Sam Sam that lived in North Malaysia Peninsular which near to Thailand.

These two of unique ethnics still maintain their own culture after intermarriage with the local ethnic group. It can also see a strong foreign style in their diet. They are neither Muslims nor primitive inhabitants, but they are granted the “Bumiputera” status by the Malaysia government. This is exact opposite to Baba Nyonya and Chitty which a very special case in Malaysia. Due to these two ethnic groups’ population are less than 100,000, so it is not included in the mainstream cuisine.

Under such a rich history, it naturally takes Malay cuisine as the backbone of Malaysia cuisines due to this branch consist a large number of populations based on race and language family. Due to the different languages family used by Malay is Austronesian, the tongue spoken by the native peoples of East Malaysia Sabah and Sarawak are belong to the North Borneo language family and the Austroasiatic and Austronesian languages of the aborigines people of West Malaysia, this results in their cuisines performed differently. The aborigine’s cuisine of West Malaysia is the original Malay world flavour. It is due to belongs to the ancestors who set down in the Malay Peninsula earlier. It is unlike the modern Malay who belongs to Malay-Deutero people enhance the cuisines based on this foundation and add the spices seasoning which from the Malay World to build the Malay cuisines we see today.

Malaysia Chinese cuisine is derived from southern China cuisine or re-creation from it. Malaysia Indian cuisine has more tendency of south India than north which has a profound influence from a food culture that developed during Muslim rule in ancient India and the impact from British colonial era. As for Indian Muslims and Mamak, the Nyonya cuisine that included the Chitty and the indigenous Portuguese Eurasian are belongs to “sub-ethnic cuisine”. [10] At present, most of them are almost remnants and lost, and they are forcibly included as “Malays” or “Muslims” under the Malaysian political policy. As a result, the population of these ethnic groups has not increased but decreased and the tradition has not been able to continue, forming a crisis of “disappear of ethnic”.

The diversified Malaysian cuisine includes spices from the Malay world, Cantonese and Fujian cuisine from the Chinese culinary kingdom, cuisine from the ancient civilization of India, and foreign flavours from Western colonization. They represent different races, foreign factors and social structures, therefore the diversity of culture is the basic condition to form the Malaysian cuisine from Nanyang cuisine. For the Malaysian archipelago cuisine that consisted of various flavours, how to promote this excellent food paradise to the world in order to increase the soft power of Malaysia, Jacky Liew believes that if Malaysia wants to become the pearl in the eyes of the world and win a favourable position for Malaysian food culture, he needs to draw special symbols on Malaysian food and positioned it as “Nanyang Malaysian cuisines of various ethnic groups” in order to compete with the famous dishes of other countries in the world and creating a true Malaysian food paradise.

To indicate that Malaysian cuisine in Southeast Asia is equivalent to the lofty status of the Eight Geographical Cuisine in China, and more appropriately, it should be named after the language family used by various ethnic groups in Malaysia Cuisine. The Malaysia cuisines system should not be defined purely by race and geography such as Malay, Chinese and Indian only. “Nanyang” is not only related to immigration to Southeast Asia but also the culture deeply affected by the Malay Archipelago in the Southeast Asia region. Furthermore, it is also relevant to the trade and exchange of the ingredients, seasonings and spices from various places in history. As for the Malaysian cuisine that matches the flavour of “Malay Archipelago cuisine”, it has since been developed by the surrounding island and countries, the Malay world’s customs, products, people’s customs, cooking and tastes, so that each state in Malaysia presents a regional style and became the unique “fusion cuisine”. No matter it is a combination of Chinese medicinal materials, Malay herbs, natural plants, Indian spices and Western seasonings, they are specially producing the flavour type of Malaysia cuisines as a heavy spice, fragrance, spicy, with aroma, therefore forming the “aroma-famous Malaysian cuisine”[11]so he named it as “fragrance cuisines”[12].When Malaysia food participate into the world competition, he hopes that the quality of food will be internationally recognized, surpassing the soft power of other countries and transform it into real tourist cuisine, expanding the national economic barrier, and building a global market for Malaysia. This is the reason why Jacky Liew decided to set Malaysian cuisines as “Malay Archipelago Delicacies of Nanyang Cuisine”.

Prior to this, the Malaysian cuisine from the Malay Archipelago Nanyang cuisine has not been mentioned, nor has it appeared in the domestic and foreign media or attracted the attention of scholars, as a preservation of the inheritance and positioning of related recipes. It wasn’t until 2010 that Jacky Liew’s book Truly Nyonya Malacca was officially labelled such an idea and theory. It was because of the popularization of awareness in the world, it was impossible to distinguish between Asian races. It is as simple as the classification of Nyonya and Chinese, even the Tech Tarik and Roti Canai are often mistaken as Malay food, not to mention people able to realize the food that they eat comes from which ethnics. This is the reason why it is common for Malaysia and Singapore to argue for the origins of food because both countries shared a common food. If you study carefully, Malaysian cuisine is far from neighbouring countries.

In order to permanently solve the disputes likes Guangdong Yeesang, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Bak Kut Teh and even the hawker culture, it should be asked whether these delicacies that migrated along with Chinese migration in history truly origins are from Malaysia? As far as our country is vast, rich, diverse, our living customs are very different from Singapore’s geographical density, behaviour and thinking. For a food culture to form, it must go through a long period of incubation, then to form a national cultural history. From the selection of ingredients in the two countries, changes in cooking to development, each of them has their different ways to perform the cuisines. It’s just that there have been no scholars to really study Malaysian products, resources and understand the history of Malaysian food. Therefore, Jacky Liew has to clarify the food positioning of Malaysia and neighbouring countries or more accurately point out the classification of the food culture.

For example, Chitty with a combination of Malay, Chinese and Indian culture, their residence can be a tall Malay house built in the style of Sumatra Minangkabao on the roof, Chinese red lanterns are hung outdoors and Indian gods are worshipped indoors, but the black and white photos of Chinese ancestors or god statute are placed next to the altar. They believe in Hinduism, but they wear Malay sarongs and Kebayas. Their faces look like Indians and Malays, but overall the whole is like Peranakan (Nyonya). They communicate in Malay mixed with Chinese dialects. Such a “hybrid culture” also can be found in Baba Nyonya who speak Malay with the native language of Chinese. They shared the common characteristic in food, clothing and life. Even Malaysians who are born and raised in Malaysia cannot tell the reason or are able to differentiate for this. How can foreigners recognize who is whose culture? In this melting pot of Malaysia, there are too many similar and specious cross-cultural miniatures, not only food, culture, identity, and life after adapting to each other. This is also the most unique attraction of Malaysia. Therefore, it is necessary to separate the cuisines and “correct their names,” so that “multicultural” will not become a culture without cultural characteristics, and it will not show the ethnic culture of Malaysian cuisine.

Food Critic Jacky Liew visits the Parliament Building to invite Minister Peter Chin Fah Kui to eat Japanese food

The original text is the abstract of the Thesis paper published by the author Jacky Liew at the 2011 China International Symposium, which is included in the Symposium Paper Library

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  1. Portugal has a reputation as European gourmets. The dishes are mostly related to art-run restaurants and maritime history. Because of its abundance of wine, it is good at adjusting wines according to the attributes of the dishes. They are very particular about what wine glasses to use, opening bottles, and pouring wine. Unfortunately, in the nineteenth century, five hundred years later, the Portuguese who remained in Malaysia suffered from the oppression of the Netherlands, Japanese rule, and British colonization. Come to Portugal’s cultural and entertainment achievements formed by the integration of indigenous, Chinese, Peranakan, Chitty and Portuguese foreign cultures. The food is mixed with Malay, Chinese, Indian, Dutch, and British mixed elements, and it is no longer a pure Portuguese food culture. 
  2. Sub-ethnicity mostly refers to the sub-categories below the large ethnic group, such as the ancestral home classification below the Chinese, the origin of the Malay ethnic group, the Tamil and Telugu immigrants of Indian immigrants, etc., but here it refers specifically to Malaysia that cannot be simply summarized in Individual categories of Chinese, Malay, and India, especially those of mixed races who are unable to obtain their identity, appear discrete, or lose their sense of belonging due to historical and political factors.
  3. Experts from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom pointed out that the taste composed of aroma, in the form of chemical substances, transmits information through the mouth and nose to the brain, which will make people feel happy and enjoyment. In addition to the taste of the food itself, it may be similar to human beings. The original victory response is related, which is why Malaysian cuisine has such an irresistible temptation.
  4. The attractiveness of Malaysian cuisine is the fragrance and aroma of the dishes, and this scent can make people remember the indica that they have eaten. Nothing is more memorable than “scents”. The coming and going of fragrances always inadvertently call people to yearn and remember the taste of deja vu, giving this place a unique sign and becoming a mark. You might as well close your eyes gently. As long as you can breathe, you can’t resist the intrusion of aromas roaming in the air. In a moment, it can arouse people’s appetite as quickly as possible. This is the “spicy cuisine” of Malaysian cuisine.

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